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How Does Technology Affect Children?

How Does Technology Affect Children?

Technology is everywhere. Just take a look everywhere and think about it. Take a look at your pocket or this screen you’re watching at right now. Technology has brought many excessive things to us! Most of the time, technology supports us with things quicker and more comfortable.

Smartphones, personal computers, tablets, video games, and so on… our life is enclosed by technology, and our kids are also using it at home, at school, and everywhere. Our children will learn various things we have not even dream about it right now. We know this is a significant positive impact of technology.

But there are some negative impacts of technology overuse, having severe consequences in our children’s lives. To get the best of digital devices, families have to consider their downsides and prevent them. We sorted five negative impacts of the technology you have to pay attention to:

Relationships and Social Skills Issues

Kids are using mobile phones more, and they can get addicted to this, not spending sufficient time with their friends and family. They are more likely to be almost connected with friends, texting online, and sharing photos than meeting them personally.

The new generation is rising playing games online, opening websites (sometimes harmful websites), sharing photos on Instagram and Snapchat, chatting online on Facebook, etc. It doesn’t cruel that spending time online is a very bad thing, but spending too much time online can distance the parents and the child and private the child to improve several social skills.

Health Problems

Technology Affect Children

The overuse of mobile devices can be dangerous to children’s health. The more they used mobile devices, the not as much of physical activities they do. The problem is that playing video games online is shared with snacking, substituting the stable alimentation. As children spend more and more time in front of those screens, most of the time on the sofa, they spend less time outside running, playing, and burning off calories. Over time, those habits can leads to substantial weight gain.

Teach your children that there is specific time for everything. One suggestion here should be to encourage children to read books, as seen on, instead of spending all their times on phones/ social media, etc. Otherwise, many problems come along.

Browsing Online Can Be Dangerous

While browsing online, we frequently face harmful things such as phishing, virus, and other dangers masked as advertising. many of the adults know it and can simply avoid them, but what about our children? Sometimes even the poster can be harmless to them.

The childrens can go online and search for any specific thing. But with the good monitoring, they will not open dangerous websites, avoiding meeting dangerous people. Keep in mind that you can always teach your children to avoid those dangers.

One way to help children be safe online is to use parental controls and Internet filtering tools to select the content they can access or even block browsers for as long as you consider it is appropriated.

Mobile Device Overuse Reduce Sleep Quality

Technology Affect Children

Kids Are Being Set aside Awake Their Phones Even When They’re Not Using Them,” over 72% of all children have at least one device in their bedroom. Is there a connection between screen-based media devices open or use in the sleep environment and sleep quantity and quality?.

They found that consistent and robust evidence of a link between mobile device overuse and reduced sleep quality. Our children are sleeping less than 8 hours, but what’s the matter with it?

A lack of sleep can have severe consequences for our brain. During sleep, the brain does some “housekeeping” tasks, clearing things that aren’t important and restoring the nerve’s networks to wake up again, ready for a brand new day. But sleeping less means that we’re miserly our brain of its essential needs, and we will struggle with our activities during the day.

To help your children to get better sleep, you can talk to them about the dangers around it. Also, work on reducing the screen time. A balanced screen time can expand children’s sleep quality.

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Is Your Smartphone Disturbing Your Relationship With Your Kids?

Technology Affect Children

Take time to think about it. Have you checked your phone for new notifications how many times? How many times did you open WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, or Instagram when you’re with your children?

Most of the people we know to do this many times. After all, mobile devices are great for overcoming boredom. But checking out mobile phones for notifications when we’re around children has its disadvantages. Parents use of mobile technology around young children may be causing internal tension, conflicts and negative interactions with their kids.”

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