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Monday September 25, 2023
business emails write for us

Business Emails Write for Us

business emails write for us

How to Create a Free Business Email

Do you want to create a professional email address for free? A business email address uses your business name instead of the generic Gmail or yahoo account.

What is a business email address, and why do you need one?

A professional email address has your business name instead of the generic Gmail or yahoo account, for example, john@stargardening.com

Most beginners use free generic business email accounts without a domain name that is not very professional. For example, john.smith2019@gmail.com or jsmithfromstargardening@yahoo.com.

Since anyone can create these generic email versions, it becomes more difficult for customers and other businesses to trust such email addresses as legitimate business email accounts.

Here are the top 4 details of why you need a professional email address for your business:

  • A custom business email address looks more professional.
  • It is also short and easy to remember.
  • A professional email address helps you earn the trust of your customers as a legitimate business.
  • Sending emails with your business name allows you to promote your brand with every email you send.

The best measure is that you can get your own personalized business email address for free, which means there is no excuse not to get it.

If you want your clients and other companies to take you seriously, you have to immediately start using a professional email address.

Bluehost will now check for a domain name that matches your company name. If it isn’t, it will show you some alternative suggestions or search for another domain name.

Here are some quick tips for choosing the perfect domain name for your business email address.

  • Always choose a domain name.com. See our article on the difference between.com and.net domain names for more information.
  • Keep your domain name short, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce.
  • Do not use numbers or hyphens in your domain name
  • Try to use keywords and the location of the company in your domain name to make it unique. For example, if stargardening.com is not available, search for stargardeninghouston.com

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