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Youtube – What Is It, How It Works And More
What Is

Youtube – What Is It, How It Works And More

What is YouTube

As a very quick definition, it could said that YouTube is a kind of television on the Internet on-demand. Although it includes live broadcasts and the possibility of performing Google+ Hangouts live.
The term “television,” although it not usually used about YouTube, the term ” television, is relevant due to its increasingly strong integration with “traditional” television through Smart TVs. And external devices with Internet access connected to a traditional television allow you to enjoy YouTube as if it were just another TV channel.

How does YouTube work?

The operation of YouTube is very simple.
YouTube is a simple cloud service, similar to Gmail, that allows you to create an account with your YouTube channel. Once your channel created, you can upload your videos in practically any modern format.

Your videos can be public or private. You can group them by sections (they would be something like tags) and playlists (useful for concatenating several videos, for example, from a course) and little else.

With a little skill, skill, and a few tricks, surprising results can be achieved. Even with a device as simple as a smartphone that supports HD video such as an iPhone. Or a mid/high-end Android mobile and editing software such as iMovie (Mac) for premam tamil dubbed movie download isaimini or Movie Maker (Windows) as free options or Final Cut as a more professional option.

Take a look at the following video, made with the iPhone 4, and you tell me:

On the other hand, if you want to make content based on screen recordings such as the video tutorials that we do in Citizen 2.0, you also have a whole range of options available.

Options range from free software like CamStudio or Screenr to professional software like Camtasia.

The big problem with copyright on YouTube

In a medium like YouTube, there is a lot of room to use content produced by others, and that enjoys copyright. And this raises very serious copyright problems.

The difficulty in this is that it is not a binary question: legal or illegal, there are many gray areas because there are many cases where, in the proper context. It is legal to use copyrighted content on YouTube partially.

The problem is that it is not feasible to manually examine case by case in a medium. That allows you to create a channel completely free for your users. YouTube has addressed the problem with automated mechanisms like Content ID, but these don’t work well.

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