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Monday September 25, 2023
wordpress plugins write for us

WordPress Plugins Write for Us

wordpress plugins write for us

What are WordPress plugins?

Not long ago, we ended a series on Getting Started with WordPress and then started this short, two-part series as a sequel. In the previous object, we took an in-depth look at what WordPress themes are, how to reason about them, and where to find them.

As we definite in the previous Post, WordPress themes are used for presentation. But WordPress themes only makeup half the market when it comes to finding solutions on how to use the app. The question arises: What does the functionality offer?

That is where WordPress plugins come in. If you are new to WordPress and have already read the previous article and series, you can skip this article to delve into WordPress plugins.

Functionality for your site

At the beginning of our discussion of WordPress plugins, it is worth noting that there is an essential difference between themes and plugins: themes are for presentation, and plugins are for functionality.

That doesn’t mean that plugins can’t provide a UI for a front-end item (or items), but it does mean that the theme shouldn’t have too many features and not too many, say, templates in a plugin.

In my opinion, that is a good and clear definition. But WordPress plugins have more to offer than just writing them (and that’s beyond the scope of this article). That is why I highly recommend reading the full article. And it’s also a great way to start the Codex article to give you information on creating a script for your plugin. For example, how much should we expect from a plugin, where can we find plugins, etc.

Free add-ons

There are many free plugins accessible for WordPress. The best and possibly safest place to find these plugins is in the WordPress plugin repository. They can be crawled on the WordPress dashboard or the plugin repository website. The plugins you can see in the repository probably offer everything you can think of; However, they may not update to the latest version of WordPress, so you must read the plugin before installing it.

Some of these plugins may not be supported either. It means that if you have a problem with the plugin, you may not get more help than what is offered in the support forums.

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