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Web -What is it, and All Related Words to Web
What Is

Web -What is it, and All Related Words to Web

Web Definition

The web is an English word that means web or spider web. The most popular information management system for transmitting data through the internet designated as ‘the web.’
The web is short for the world wide web or www, whose technologies for its operation (HTML, URL, HTTP) were developed in 1990 by Tim Berners Lee.

To use the web, it is necessary to have internet access and a web browser, for which a dynamic page requested, also called a web page.

The web browser, such as Google Chrome, communicates with the webserver using the web protocol or HTTP ( hypertext transfer protocol ) to deliver the desired request.
The web uses HTML ( hypertext markup language ) to create its web pages, which unified the way of searching and creating information through the internet—the set of associated web pages located on a website such as, for example, Youtube.


On the other hand, hypertext is a structure set of texts, graphics, images, or sounds link together by links or links ( links ) and logical connections.
Hypertext is currently being replace by hypermedia. Which is also a structure set of various media (text, image, sound). But used together and simultaneously (multimedia) and linked together by links and logical connections for the transmission of information.

Web page

The web page is the information unit of the it. That is to say. They are documents compose of texts, images, audios, or videos that can accessed through the world wide web or www using a browser.
As already mentioned, the information on web pages is generally in HTML format. They also contain links that relate them to other pages whose contents are related.


A website is some web pages related by content and by an internet domain, which constitutes a large information network.
For example, many companies today have a website that functions as a business card or welcomes the public. Within this website, there are various web pages with specific functions that expand the information on it. Hence, the website should not confused with the website.

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