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A video file format a file format used to store digital video data on a computer system. Videos are almost always saved with lossy compression to reduce file size.

A video file typically consists of a container  Mata roska format that contains video data in a video encoding format VP9 and audio data in an audio encoding format, for example, Opus. The container can also have sync information, captions, and metadata such as the title. A standardized video file type (or in some cases a de facto standard), such as .web, a profile established by a restriction on the container format and the allowed video and audio compression formats.

video file container

Video and audio encoded in a video file container (i.e., without headers, footers, or metadata) are called essence. And also, A program  that can decode compressed video or audio is called a codec; While playing or encoding a video file, sometimes the user needs to install a codec library that matches the type of video and audio encoding used file.

Good design usually dictates that a file extension allows the user to infer from the file extension which program will open the file. For example, it the case for some video file formats such as Web  Windows Media Video, Flash Video, and Ogg Video, each of which may contain only a few sources – Defined subtypes of video and audio encoding formats, making it relatively easy to see which codec the file is playing. On the other hand, some very universal container types like AVI . and QuickTime. As a result, it can contain video and audio in almost any format and have file extensions named according to the kind of container, making it difficult for end-users to enter the file. . extension to infer which codec or program to use play files.

The libraries in the FFmpeg free software project provide extensive support for encoding and decoding video file formats. For example, Google uses FFmpeg to support a variety of video download formats for YouTube. In addition, a widely used media player that uses FFmpeg libraries is the free VLC Media Player software, which can play most video files encountered by end-users.

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