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Thursday June 1, 2023

UX Design Write for Us

ux design write for us

What is UX?

It comes from the acronym user experience that we usually translate as user experience. After an event, we came up with a more empathetic way of saying user experience and for which Adriana Calero wrote a note here in the medium.

UX is how a person feels, perceives, or interacts with a system or a service; it is the feeling that one has when it is in contact or interacts with a web, an app, or a product. As DESIGNER or flush and we take care of UX designers to meet our clients and users, to learn from them and them, understand their motivations and needs to improve their experience.

That vision or way of looking at the design is dead. The first, designing for ourselves, is just art. Creating for other colleagues (or preparing for dribble ) is useless; the ego here is futile. And the third, designing for what a person who pays us says, does not work either because we would be going back in time. We are no longer mouse and keyboard management tools, and we are experts and experts who diagnose problems and create solutions.

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