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Our company offers various services in the field of development and implementation of Turnkey software solutions based on IoT and other modern technologies. Our developments are used both when equipping a “smart home” system for private customers, and provide full control over the development of large businesses, and are also widely used for automated management of the situation in large cities by municipal services, without involving a lot of staff on duty. Modern software will allow you to increase your profits, reduce costs and achieve the expected results in any type of business.

Why should you contact our company?

Experts in the field of IT technologies recommend that only highly qualified professionals be contacted for the development and integration of new software. The market for such services is crowded today, and you can find dozens and hundreds of companies on the web that offer the development and installation of software of any complexity on a turnkey basis. Many of our customers, after working with us, leave only positive feedback about us, thanks to our following advantages over competitors:

  • The first general solutions and ideas, as well as sketches of the skeleton and architecture of the software, are provided to the customer within a few days after signing the contract, agreeing on the terms of reference, and brainstorming.
  • Before starting work, we always study in detail the scope of the customer’s activities in order to understand exactly what results in we can achieve. We immediately include in the work plan the need to introduce the technology of the Internet of things, scale the program code, when expanding the business, and also strive to make the simplest interface so that the software will work from the first days after implementation in full force.
  • We are a unique team of professional programmers and designers, which not only takes into account all the requirements of the customer’s technical specifications but also makes its own adjustments to achieve a more effective result.
  • The client has the opportunity to take part both in brainstorming and in the creation or integration of software. We take into account all constructive improvements and ideas that may arise both from our colleagues and from the customer himself already during the work on an intellectual product. Thus, we are always open to communication and maintain flexible working conditions with the customer in order to achieve a positive result.
  • We are a marketable and completely self-sufficient company, as a result of which we ourselves invest in our own codebase, without waiting for the transfer of funds from the customer. In this regard, we are always ready to start work after the signing of the contract, as well as reduce the lead time by up to 30% compared to our competitors.
  • We are fully confident in the quality and correctness of the intellectual product produced by our forces. In this regard, we are ready to provide each customer with a 12-month warranty. During this period, we carry out free diagnostics of the integrated system, if necessary, perform repair and restoration work, as well as configure individual options. Each client can always contact us if he has any problems within the specified period from the date of signing the product acceptance certificate.

In addition to the above, we also always note that our prices are lower than the market average, in the company we adhere to the principle of only horizontal management, where each employee can express his idea, which greatly affects the quality of the result. We guarantee the performance of the software in your office or factory, and also provide round-the-clock support for our customers, under a separate agreement, after the warranty expires.

What kind of intellectual product do we offer?

Given our many years of experience and diversified activities, our portfolio includes hundreds of different works, which are classified by the category of complexity, type, scale, and other parameters. Among the most in-demand intellectual products that have passed through our team, the following stand out:

  • One of the most important aspects of our work is the automation of lighting in the urban environment. We ensure the interconnection of all street lighting devices by installing light sensors, after which we connect them with actuating devices via wireless communication. The dispatcher receives all the information about the performance, and intensity of work, as well as about errors and breakdowns of devices in real-time.
  • Automated verification of documents. Any official document must be checked for authenticity, for which lengthy and complex examinations were previously ordered, and today scanners work online and accurately identify possible fakes, transmitting this information to anywhere in the world.
  • Are you having serious scalability issues as your business is growing rapidly and cloud storage, as well as transmission devices, are no longer enough? We will quickly solve your problem, without rebooting and deleting the old database. Your customers won’t even notice these changes.
  • Every business owner who works with a large number of clients must organize a database with storage of personal accounts, and sometimes customer funds. In such cases, in addition to the IoT platform, cloud storage is integrated, which can scale as it grows, with almost no exceptions and no need to replace the hardware.
  • A comprehensive solution for the automation of conveyors, CNC machines, and conveyor production, with the organization of inventory control, as well as automatic diagnostics of equipment.
  • Remote control and management of various assets, processes, personnel, and documents.
  • Creation of fundamentally new software on a turnkey basis, including research work to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Organization of control of employees, workplaces, attendance records, disciplinary procedures, proper distribution of meetings in meeting rooms, and other useful functions that are required for efficient work in any modern business center.
  • Our team will be happy to offer reprogramming of an existing project, in which errors have been corrected, and all problem areas have been fully worked out.

If this is not possible, and none of the existing software meets the requirements of the customer, we will take on the development of new architecture from scratch and bring the product to its logical conclusion, including its integration, loading cloud storage, installing sensors, actuators, as well as commissioning.

What is the Discovery service from our company?

Every new customer who comes up with a unique idea usually understands their end result. This is expressed in potential profit, business growth, departmental management efficiency, or an increase in the number of clients. From the idea to the implementation of the finished solution, there are many main and auxiliary operational processes.

Each type of work is the painstaking work of programmers, managers, engineers, adjusters, installers, and designers. In order to make an objective estimate for the customer, to calculate the final price of the development of an intellectual product, the Discovery process is carried out, which consists of the following stages:

  • First of all, brainstorming is carried out together with the customer, during which clear goals are determined that he would like to achieve after the implementation of the project. This allows you to accurately identify the amount of work to be done, as well as the need to scale the system.
  • In the case of successful development of the customer’s business plans, it turns out which factors and nuances of the new software can affect the success of business development and profit. This gives a complete understanding of the structure of future software, and the need to protect it from cyber-attacks.
  • Based on the first two parameters given, the technical requirements for the equipment, the number, and size of the program code, as well as the types of sensors and actuators are determined.
  • When developing a fundamentally new product, it is necessary to start with the creation of a concept that must be tested in a test mode. This practical approach allows you to calculate potential errors and eliminate them in their infancy.
  • The most important step is the creation of a roadmap, which involves fixing the number and volume of operations to create a product.
  • Drawing up a calendar schedule of work, based on the number and volume of items. recorded in the roadmap.
  • One of the main conditions of any contract is the preparation of an estimate, which at the same time distinguishes us from competitors, and on the other hand, allows us to pay salaries, and bonuses to employees, and also receive a standardized profit.

Based on the results of these analytical works, we provide all the information to the customer for approval. Provided that both parties agree on the terms, amounts, and terms, we prepare the contract and proceed to its unconditional implementation. The customer receives his intellectual product strictly in accordance with the stages of payment and the content of the schedule.


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