Traditional Half Saree: 10 Stylish Traditional Half Saree Designs

Traditional Half Saree – Especially at weddings and engagements in South India, brides prefer to wear half saris. Images of a silk half saree are among the most popular images. The lehenga or half saree skirt looks very beautiful as it mostly has a broad temporal border. Brides are crazy about this bridal attire and want the best for themselves, so they search for the latest half saree wedding images 2020 online.

Half silk sarees mostly have wide rims at the temples, and brides love to match the rich decorations on their temples with this traditional South Indian attire. With the change in fashion, many skirt designs can be found, such as flared, pleated, floral sarees, Traditional Half Saree etc. Depending on their individual fashion choices, they can opt for a contrasting coloured skirt, blouse, and dupatta, or they can go for a monochromatic look with all three in the same colour and pattern.

Let’s Talk More About Traditional Half Saree

In India, festivals and events are entirely incomplete without a saree. Be it a wedding, reception, Mehendi, Haldi or any occasion like Pongal saree, Onam Half is the best choice. Indian festivals and events are always the time to wear saris, and women especially love it. Traditional Half Saree is a mantra of grace, beauty and femininity, a rare combination of any other outfit. Latest half saree models 2021 with price Even newlywed brides also wear sarees. women suit set

There are different styles of saree dressing in every part of India. The half saree is different from all saris. However, The half saree is trendy in South India, such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu.

The half saree looks attractive and worn on special occasions like weddings and holidays. Today we present a new model of half saree from Pattu.

If you are about to get married soon or attend a close relative or friend’s wedding soon, you must see these half saree images released in 2020.

The half saree is known as “Langa voni” or “davani”. It is an outfit for girls and young women in most South India. And also, It is a three-piece garment consisting of a blouse, skirt, and dupatta. It is a variant of “lehenga choli” and “Gagra choli”, differing only in how the dupatta is covered.

Half Sarees: 10 Stylish Traditional Half Saree Designs

Here are 11 of the most elegant, traditional and designer half sarees that will make you stand out on your big day.

1. Red and Green Silk: Mirrored Half Sarees for Bridal

Since South India is famous for its silk and bridal half sarees collection, I think it would be pretty fitting to have the first option in the form of a beautiful silk half saree in red and green wedding colours, which is perfect for the bride. Be.

2. Semi Floral Sarees

Depending on your tastes and preferences, bridal half sarees like this attire can easily be chosen for the wedding itself or another occasion such as an engagement or a sangeet.

3. Red and Gold Half Saree

This image is equally suitable for both northern and southern India. It perfectly combines gold and red, the two primary tones in an Indian wedding.

4. Half Creamy Pink – Half Designer Sarees

A bridal half saree in this colour combination will help you balance looking completely bright and very understated.

5. Magnificent purple half saree with mirror work on the edge.

Purple is a very royal colour and looks perfect on any occasion. But when you combine it with gold, white, and mirrors! Purple designer half sarees are something you cannot go wrong with.

6. Baby Pink and Gold Half Saree

In any case, pink is the colour that most brides prefer for their weddings. It is a bright and light colour perfect for summer weddings and spring wedding half sarees.

7. Light Green and Red Half Sarees for Bridal

Isn’t this a very relaxing combination for a summer wedding? While keeping the skirt light and straightforward, you can always experiment with a thick top to find balance.

8. Gorgeous Black, Cream and Red Sabyasachi Saree.

It’s an elegant piece from designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, and the velvet dupatta gives the whole ensemble a very regal feel. Designer Sabyasachi bridal half sarees are also available in half lehenga sarees.

9. Beautiful Half Sheer Blue Saree

For those who do not prefer a bridal half saree in the traditional wedding colours of red, green and gold, you can also opt for this beautiful blue mesh half saree with lace chiffon print. It is perfect for a commitment ceremony combine with heavy accessories. Women’s suit set 

10. Peach Coral Half Saree

It is another understated yet stunning colour for a gorgeous bride. The heavy bodice beautifully complements the rest of the look, while the soft peach tones of the delicate and smooth mesh fabric complete the spring/summer bridesmaid look.


Traditional half saris look so beautiful when worn by brides and sisters of the bride during their wedding ceremonies. Brides love to wear half saris for their pre-wedding ceremonies, such as Mehendi and sangeet in South India. Half saree designs look amazing if the lehenga and blouse have contrasting colours. An outfit with a designer blouse and gold belt gives the bride a radiant look.

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