The Top Inbound Marketing Articles From Worldwide Web of Marketing July 2017

Inbound Marketing – There were numerous articles related to marketing from world-wide-web of marketing in the year 2017 and in the month of July. These marketing articles contained a lot of information regarding marketing. The following featured numerous acquaintances regarding marketing tips, strategies, trends, social media, marketing campaign and tips to go for the following effects. The articles related to marketing also contained much more information which individuals are required to know if they wish to build their career in the field of marketing. High-level marketing budget first Instantly understand your budget breakdown by tracking your marketing costs and budget allocation in one place.Hence, having a proper idea about these articles can prove to be very beneficial for individuals. The Digital Marketing Training available for the candidates can also help the candidates in a lot of ways.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is actually a technique that is used to attract customers towards products as well as services through social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing and branding. Inbound marketing proves to be very helpful for the customers as well as other individuals. The following enhances the experience of the customers and builds trust by offering numerous potential customers the information which they value. The following is done through the sponsored newsletters of the organisation, entries and blogs on numerous social media platforms. As compared to outbound marketing, inbound exactly reverses the relationship between the customer and the company to break your echo chamber. The following also draws a lot of customers along with channels like social media, blogs and many more.

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Main characteristics of inbound marketing:

Defining the buyer:

The following involves the content of the brand, along with perfect timing. The following also makes sure that the advertising campaigns will always revolve around the customers and check what the requirements, as well as necessities of the customers, are.

Getting knowledge about the customer journey and purchase cycles:

The work of the following is to establish the core phases of the potential customers, along with the principal touchpoints of those customers.

Establishing a potential customer:

The following shows the organisations the need to establish a potential customer for their own.

Creating customer loyalty:

Usually, it can prove to be more costly to acquire new customers than maintaining the old customers which the organisation already has.

Using CRM:

The following signifies the importance of CRM and also suggests organisations to use the same.

Strategies of inbound marketing:

Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the practice of making use of the best practices of the search engine in order to enhance the visibility of a website or a web page by ranking higher in the SERPs (Search engine results page). The following is also because of the keywords which are relevant to that particular webpage or website. There are numerous ways to develop the visibility of a webpage or website. The ways are:

Improving crawlability:

The leading search engines make use of crawlers for finding certain pages for their algorithmic search results. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to make sure that these search engine crawlers can crawl over the website in an efficient manner. The following is done to determine the relevance of the website for its targeted keywords.

Improving content relevance:

The search engines make use of contextual relevance for the determination of relevancy of a website for a specific cluster of keywords. Enhancing the quality of content from relevancy as well as readability perspective will help the websites raise their relevance for a cluster of keywords and hence, would also raise their keyword rankings.

Improving credibility:

The search engines determine the relevancy on the basis of the external as well as internal links, which are found all over the internet. The following backlinks will also help the individuals to associate a website with a specific cluster of keywords and also enhance the relevancy of the website for those specific set of keywords.

Search engine marketing:

SEM or search engine marketing is a specific form of web marketing that features the promotion of websites by raising the visibility of those websites in search of the engine result pages. There are certain methods to optimize these websites. The main objective of SEM is to enhance the visibility of a website.


There were a lot of articles published in the year 2017, which were related to inbound marketing. These articles provided major help to individuals in the following field. The articles produced were:

  1. Social media Marketing

Sophia Bernazaani, Socialmediaexaminer, Alfred Lua, Sam DeZeeuw and Cley Williams

  1. Influencer Marketing

Nate Vickery, Shishir Bhanot, Shane Barker and Stevan McGrath

  1. Search engine Optimisation

Jordan Kasteler, Edwin Toonen and Jenny Halasz

  1. Email Marketing

Lindsay Kolowich and Jonathan Davies

  1. Content Marketing

Todd Saunders, Tony Solomon and James Parsons

  1. Small Businesses

Andy, Joshua Nite and Careerplay

  1. Digital Marketing

Smallbusinessca and Lauren McLare


Listed above are the names of the articles as well as the writers on the basis of different topics. The article also somewhere signifies the benefit of the digital marketing course by relating to inbound marketing.

Enhancing the quality of content from relevancy as well as readability perspective will help the websites raise their relevance for a cluster of keywords and hence, would also raise their keyword rankings. You can look for good quality content at The Doe site.


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