The Importance of Cybersecurity in the Online Casino Industry

Today, data is valuable. Scandals of this and that company not minding their customers’ data resulting in data leaks pop up in the media all the time. Many don’t understand why personal data should be safeguarded and they can share their name, DOB, address and email address in exchange for a free soda or for a chance to participate in a lottery. When it comes to payment information security most people are more careful. However, there is only so much the customer can do and transaction security lies with the service provider. All companies that handle personal and financial data should invest in cybersecurity and this particularly applies to online gambling companies as they tend to attract shady individuals more than other businesses. In this article, we are discussing what casino cybersecurity means and what you can do as a player. Péter Deli, Hungarian iGaming expert, helped us with this topic. Read more about Péter here.

SSL encryption measures

SSL encryption means that the data that is exchanged between the casino and the player’s device (PC, tablet or smartphone) is encrypted and therefore cannot be intercepted. The SSL encryption costs money to companies and so not all websites will have this added security layer. Chances are that if you come across such a website your browser will warn you that the site is not secure. Alternatively, you can check this yourself by looking at the URL of the site. If it starts with https:\\ it is secure, however, starting with http:\\ means they haven’t purchased the security certificate.

Most online casinos, of course, have this certificate as they wouldn’t last long on the market with a bad reputation. When you select a casino to play at, it is a good idea to choose one from a list of independent review website such as This site lists casinos that accept players from Hungary and you can play, for example, online poker pénzes without worrying about security.


The gambling industry worldwide generates around $500 billion a year. It is a huge business and it is strictly regulated in most countries. While land-based casinos will normally have a governing body in each country – for example, in Hungary it is the Szerencsejáték Felügyelet – the situation is different with online casinos. Online casinos are normally licensed in one or more places and can operate in several countries. Usual gaming jurisdictions are Malta, Gibraltar, the UK and Curacao. Gambling commissions or authorities of these countries have strict regulations – and among them gambling cybersecurity measures – that casinos need to comply with to receive a license. You can make sure that your casino is licensed as this information should be displayed at the bottom of the landing page of the casino.

What can Players do to enhance their Data Security?

By doing your part, you can further increase data security between you and your online casino. Please see the below tips to enhance cybersecurity in casino transactions.

  • Use a VPN: Virtual private networks add a layer of security. They stop tracking attempts and encrypt your internet history.
  • Don’t use public wifi: It is much easier for hackers to hack into public wifi networks than private ones. There have been reports of hackers even setting up bogus wifi networks that seemed like a free public network and stole data easily from those who accessed it. Once you use these networks and enter your passwords or credit card details the hackers can actually see the information.
  • Don’t share information with fellow players: in some games, you play alongside other people and can chat with them. Be wary of people who seem interested in your details. It is best to use a nickname in these rooms instead of your real name.
  • Don’t fall for phishing attempts: fraudsters might send you emails or text messages pretending to be your casino (or bank) and prompt you to enter your login details. Don’t fall into these traps as there is little that can be done if someone accesses your account with information that you gave them.


When choosing an online casino, you should make sure that they are licensed and that they use SSL encryption. You can further enhance data security by using private wifi networks and a VPN.

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