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What is Technology And What Is Difference Between Technology and Science
What Is

What is Technology And What Is Difference Between Technology and Science

Technology Definition

Technology is the set of information and techniques apply in an orderly manner to achieve a certain objective or solve a problem.

The Technology is a response to man’s desire to transform the environment and improve his quality of life. It includes knowledge and techniques developed overtime used in an organized way to satisfy some need.

The word technology comes from the fusion of two Greek words: “tekne,” which is a technique, art, and “logia,” which means skill over something.

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What is Technology used For?

Technology is one of the four factors of production, along with capital, land, and labor. Man uses Technology to satisfy his needs, which may involve transforming his environment, solving problems, increasing efficiency, improving aesthetics, etc.

Well-used Technology can improve people’s quality of life (such as developing cleaner production methods). However, misuse can cause great harm to people and society (for example, the use of Technology for attacks and crimes).

Technology Types

Technology can classified according to various criteria. For example, according to its tangibility, it divided into:

Soft: It reports intangible assets such as new economic theories or new forms of resource management.

Dura: Refers to the one that helps us produce tangible goods such as modern cars, anti-earthquake buildings, etc.

Also, according to the diversity of sectors in which it can use, it is classified into:

Flexible: Refers to that which applied in various activities and study areas. Thus, for example, nanotechnology applied to both the health and telecommunications fields.

Fixed: It referred to in a specific field, such as a machine for surgical operations.

Difference between Technology and Science

Technology and science are not the same, although they are related concepts. Science aims to obtain knowledge, while Technology is knowledge applied in a rational and orderly way to solve a problem. In addition, science seeks the truth while Technology, efficiency.

Both science and Technology tend to support each other. The first uses the second for research, while the second uses the first to solve a problem.

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