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Tuesday May 21, 2024

Tech Write For Us

Tech Write For Us

Tech Write For Us: About technology, we hear almost daily. But, unlike the concept of science,  technology seems to be closer to us because we recognize that we live immersed in it permanently. We even see it in new spaces that we have to go through, speeding up processes and shortening times.

Anyway, we know many uses of technology: cure and kills, educates but also impoverishes thought, expedites or complicates our lives, zooms people. It seems that there are positions technophilic and  Technophobic, between which we debate while we live with her. It is not new because there is technology from the moment the first hominid took a piece of wood between his hands and used it to defend his children from the beasts or to kill a neighbor to keep his resources. That piece of wood was already technology.

Definition :

“Technology” comes from the Greek word (pronounced “Tech”) and means art, trade, or skill. Therefore, technology is not a thing but a process, an ability to transform or combine something that already exists to build something new or give it another function. And that capacity for transformation can be intuitive, or (as is the case in our current societies) it is a knowledge that comes directly from the field of science.

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