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Software – Concept And Types of Software
What Is

Software – Concept And Types of Software

Software Definition

software definition, also referred to with the abbreviation SW, is a word that comes from English and gives meaning to the Software of a computer system. That is, it is the non-physical part that refers to a program or set of computer programs which includes data, rules. And instructions to interact with the computer and make its operation possible.

Without Software, computers would be useless. It develops through the use of different programming languages ​​that consist of symbols and semantic and syntactic rules that define the meaning of its elements and expressions.

Types of Software

Several types are depending on the commercialization and the use or function they have. These are:

Depending on the marketing

Free Software: Despite its name, Free Software may or may not be free. and it gives users access to the code, being able to study, modify, expand, or redistribute it.
Proprietary Software: Unlike Free Software, Proprietary or proprietary Software restricts the user that its source code can read or modified and that the program redistributes, with or without cost.
Freeware: It has nothing to do with Free Software, Freeware means that a program is completely free.
Payment software: In this case, they are programs that have a cost, and you have to pay to buy it to use it.
Shareware: The program is distributed with limitations as a demo or evaluation version, with limited features or restricted use within a set time limit.
Adware: They are completely free, but contain advertising.

Depending on its use

System software: It is the most essential, the main intermediary between the user and the hardware. Such as the Operating System or the diagnostic tools.
Application software: All those programs or applications that we use every day, those that design to meet the user’s needs. Such as those for viewing photos, listening to music, browsing the Internet and viewing our page, office applications, etc.
Programming software: If the other programs we have discussed exist, they create at some point. Programming programs are usually text editors using one or more development languages or code debuggers.
Malware: Malware or malicious Software is considered an annoying or harmful type of Software intended to inadvertently. Access a device without the user’s knowledge to obtain information. Stop or worsen the operation of the system, use resources to the attacker’s profit, etc.


There are different types of applications for different purposes and needs, working together. And communicating to allow users to work software definition. However, Some problems can solve with programs, tedious tasks that transform into a simple click of your mouse every day.

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