Top Self-Improvement YouTube Channels

YouTube is a platform that offers content to any given audience. So, whatever your passion is, you are sure to find users interested in it. One interesting type of YouTube channels is that of self-improvement. Users subscribe to them to learn how to deal with everyday life and how they can become better. If your area of expertise is self-improvement, then you should establish a channel within this niche. However, make sure that you buy YouTube likes to help it at the very beginning.

In the meantime, subscribe to the following self-improvement channels to get motivated.  

#1 TEDx Talks

Subscribers: 26.1 million

On TEDx Talks, you can hear talks on every possible topic, from social issues to literature and medical breakthroughs. This channel aims to expand your horizons and make you think about this world’s problems. Users from all around the world watch TEDx Talks, giving its videos more than 4 billion views.

#2 Be Inspired

Subscribers: 6.75 million

Be Inspired is a YouTube channel that its goal is to offer you the motivation you lack in your everyday life. Its videos feature some inspiring stories that will help try harder in your life. Be Inspired can be a great source for video ideas for your channel. Create motivational content that will move your subscribers and buy YouTube likes cheap to bring your videos to more users.

#3 The School of Life

Subscribers: 5.95 million

The School of Life has a very distinct channel as it is one of the few in this niche that posts animated videos. Their content explains the world around you, as well as many complex ideologies and psychology. However, the explanations of the videos are always easy to understand. Overall, The School of Life’s videos have gathered more than 400 thousand views. 

#4 Charisma on Command

Subscribers: 4.01 million

This YouTube Channel has a unique niche among the self-improvement one. Charisma on Command teaches the viewers how they can be more confident and show it through their body language. Its videos analyze how famous people talk and behave and how this influences the way that users perceive them. With these useful tips, the channel’s viewers can start making great first impressions and be confident in their social lives. 

#5 Matt D’Avella

Subscribers: 2.82 million

Matt D’Avella’s YouTube channel is all about minimalist, filmmaking, and creativity. His videos explain simple ways that can improve the daily life of their viewers, as well as increase their productivity. What makes Matt D’Avella’s channel stand out is its production value. All of the content is well-produced and the videos have gathered more than 100 thousand views.

#6 Big Think

Subscribers: 2.81 million

Big Think is a YouTube channel with an original idea. It gives you food for thought, by providing you with interesting ideas. Each one of them is presented and analyzed by a big mind, like an artist or a scientist. 

All of these channels are very successful within the self-improvement niche. Make sure that you check out their content before you start producing your own. Once you do, create the best videos to pique your audience’s interest and buy YouTube likes to attract new ones. 

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