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Easy Ways to Recycle your Electronic Waste

Electronic waste or e-waste is a collective term, which refers to all your discarded electrical devices, such as home appliances, TVs, mobile phones, computers, speakers, and primarily anything that has a plug, battery, and a cord.

Several factors have attributed to the surging problem of electronic waste. With the rapid pace of technology, customers tend to move on to newer devices faster than ever before. This has dramatically increased people’s contribution to e-waste. How to prevent that from happening? The simple answer to the problem lies in recycling electronic waste right away. But how do you do that? Let us find out.

Recycling Electronic Waste

Here is a list of ways that you can recycle e-waste.

Sell It

If the old device is in good condition, why not sell it? There are several online marketplaces where you can quickly sell off your old electronic item. Some platforms that you can use are:

Facebook Marketplace

It offers you a platform, along with some easy-to-use tools that you can use to post your listing. All you have to do is upload the photos and a description of your old electronic, along with your location and price. Following this, post your listing to any buy and sell Facebook group that you have joined. You can meet the buyer in person or use online modes like PayPal or messenger to communicate, finalize the sale, and get your payment.


eBay is an excellent platform for users who want to sell their electronics to a market of several millions of shoppers, says John, who offers the best online LSAT prep course and recently sold his laptop on eBay. For using the platform, all you have to do is sign up, make your account on eBay, and then create your sale listing. Every seller gets fifty free listings on a monthly basis on the platform. If you have made more than 50 listings, you will be charged at 30 cents for every subsequent listing. In addition to the processing fee, eBay will charge you a ten percent final value in the fee. So, do consider this when you decide the sale price.


With ecoATM, recycling and selling your devices is easier than ever before. For this, all you have to do is drop the old MP3 players, cell phones, or tablets at any kiosks across the country. Once you do that, the ATM will calculate the price for the device. The value is calculated based on the value in the secondary market, as well as the condition and the model number of the device. If you are okay with the price, you can confirm the sale, and the ATM will dispense the cash for your device.


It is a leading online marketplace where you can sell or buy used electronics. You can use the platform to sell your Apple products or old handsets from brands, such as Blackberry, HTC, LG, Google, Nokia, and Samsung. The platform will give you the trade-in value of your device via check, PayPal credit, or Amazon gift card.

Trade the Device

Big box retailers and manufacturers have several trade-in programs, allowing you to recycle your old electronics systematically. The program provides you with a store credit or cash for coming up with your damaged or old electronics.


If you plan to trade-in the eligible items on your Amazon Trade-in store, you will bag yourself the Amazon gift card for the value. Some of the eligible items that you can trade include smart speakers, Kindle e-readers, streaming devices, tablets, video doorbells, game consoles, cell phones, speakers, headphones, security cameras, and a lot more. For the trade-in, Amazon will give you a prepaid shipping label, and once the device is received, you will get the appraisal value-added automatically to the gift card.


Using Apple’s trade-in program, you can fetch yourself several 100s of dollars whenever you trade with them your old Android or Apple device, says Hannah, who offers online do my assignment services. The only thing you have to do is send across the old device via mail or just take it to the Apple store. On examining your device, Apple will offer you trade-in value. You can either use it to purchase a new Apple device or take it in the form of an Apple gift card. You can also use Apple’s recycling program if the device is not eligible for trade-in credit.

Best Buy

Using the trade-in program of Best Buy, you can fetch money for your old tablets, cell phones, gaming consoles, MP3 players, and a lot more. They also have an option via which you can save some money on shopping for a few devices from them if you trade-in an eligible item.

Bottom Line

In addition to these, you can also donate your devices to charity. It will be a great move to help those in need. It will also get you a tax exemption. Some platforms or organizations to donate include World Computer Exchange, Computers with Causes, and Secure the Call. If not, you can recycle your old device via electronic recyclers.

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