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Sunday March 3, 2024

photography write for us

Photography Write for Us

The photograph is defined as the technique and the art of acquiring lasting images due to the action of light. This practice is responsible for capturing and projecting images that have a visual meaning. Photography began with an analog camera, but it has had many changes, and today the most common cameras to carry out this work are digital.

The history of photography began in the 11th century when the Arab Ibn al-Haitham analyzed the eclipses of the moon and the sun, where the rays made by the sun that reflected the moon passed through a tiny hole. These lights ricocheted off the wall opposite the darkroom and were known as a camera obscura. Through this technique, he discovered that if he placed a lens with a suitable focal length in the hole, a sharper image could be obtained.

The images that could be captured were only in black and white. In 1907, Lumiere used this technique to use photographic plates to obtain color images. However, it was not until 1935 that color photography became popular that Agfa and Kodak began selling their films with a three-layer solution. This practice evolved, and at the beginning of the 20th century, the followers of photography obtained the apparatus of the box and bellows type. The photographic factory has developed the 35-millimeter film-type cameras and the reflex camera.

Recommendations for a Good Photography

  1. It would help if you used the tripod. This item serves to improve the stability of the camera, the sharpness of the images, and the focus.
  2. Creativity is essential when taking a photograph, and it is necessary to try different angles because great results can be obtained.
  3. Before taking a photograph, you should study what type of lens to use for the scene to be photographed. For low-light spaces, it is better to use fixed optics. The telephoto lens should be applied to capture distant objects and the angle lens to space photography.

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