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When does a Personal Injury Case Go into Litigation
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When does a Personal Injury Case Go into Litigation

What is Litigation?

Litigation happens when a claim such as wrongful injury or death compensation cannot settle out of court. In most states, the judicial system limits litigation to the person (s) who filed the lawsuit, who was the one wrongfully injured. In the instances of significant disability or death of that person, the advocate can litigate. 

You Must Do Three Things Immediately Following Your Accident

  • When you suffer from wrongful injuries in an accident in Philadelphia or surrounding areas, get medical attention first. 
  • Take as many pictures and notes of what happened as soon as you can of the scene as possible or ask an advocate to take photos if you cannot. 
  • At the first minute, after you seek medical treatment, call our law office at Wapner Newman in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Allow Your Attorney To Be Your Spokesperson 

Remember, never admit fault for anything or say you are sorry for anything related to your accident. Never speak to insurance companies or give answers to insurance agents. Never determine on your own if you have a case or not. Please leave this up to your professional and experienced attorneys. 

Never file a lawsuit against a negligent person or company and fight this complicated situation by yourself. You may lose your fight, and if you do win a settlement, it is never adequate. Insurance companies and other entities do not like to pay any more money, then they absolutely must. 

Settle Out of Court if Possible

Most of the wrongful injuries and death lawsuits settle out of court because plaintiffs and defendants neither want to go to court with a likely impending trial. If you have a good, sound case, you have excellent chances of getting the settlement you deserve to pay for all of your expenses related to your accident.

Your Attorneys May Litigate Your Accident, Injury Case In Court

Your attorneys proceed with an in-depth investigation of your accident, examine all pictures and police reports, contact and speak with all witnesses, prepare all necessary paperwork, negotiates your settlement, and when everything is in place, we start to calculate all your expenses related to your accident. 

You may or may not be able to return to life as you knew it. This accident may have changed your life for the rest of your life. It would be best if you had the expertise, skill, and knowledge of someone who knows the court system and can give you the support and strength to fight for your rights as an accident victim injured at the hands of a negligent person or company. There is no reason for you to pay all these extra expenses as a victim. 

These calculations depend on your injuries, prognosis, medical treatment, and expectations for the future. Some effects from your accident may not present for many months and sometimes up to a year or two; if your injuries affected your brain, spinal cord, internal organs, and more, you may never be able to return to life as you once knew. 

Your attorneys predict everything you will need for the future to pay all past, present, and future medical expenses, living expenses, pain and suffering, and more. Your case would be litigated in the court system if plaintiffs will not settle out of court. Litigation means your attorneys fight for your rights as a victim in court. It is possible for you to get a larger settlement in court.  

Wrongful accidents are nearly 100 percent due to the reckless actions and negligent behaviors of another person. If you came out of your accident with minor injuries and the accident was not your fault, you need to still speak with this accident attorney. Health issues can arise months into the future related to your accident. The good thing is that the court system is on your side. However, we must prove three things to forge ahead with your injury claim.

Your Three Responsibilities of Proof

  • You must show that you suffered a significant injury.
  • You must show that your injuries were caused by the negligence of another person, company, or product.
  • You must show that your accident injuries caused a financial loss such as loss of job, loss of wages, loss of personal property, and much more. 

We can help you with this. The court considers whether the negligent person should have been aware that their actions would cause serious injury to another person. Sometimes, when others are hurt by someone’s actions, the attorney must decide in court if you are partly responsible. If you were, you may be able to recoup a settlement as long as your blame is less than the defendant’s.

Never Enter This Legal Battle Without Us

Our esteemed attorneys at Wapner Newman Law Firm cannot help you with your injury claim until you call us and tell us your story, and you decide you want us to represent you. Never fight the judicial system by yourself because accident injury cases are complex, confusing, and complicated.

Let our attorneys remove all the work and worry from you,  and you concentrate on your healing process. We have over 30-years of experience in litigation for accident injury cases. Let us help you get the settlement you deserve. Access our website for more information. Call us at 855-685-3446 as soon as possible. 

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