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PDFBear: A Free Online HTML to PDF Converter 

PDFBear: A Free Online HTML to PDF Converter 

Saving web pages’ content is not an easy task if you do not have the necessary tools. Getting its content and keeping it as a PDF is a smart move. Are you searching for the ideal and most convenient online converter that does not cost you a penny? Are you in need of a free online converter for HTML to PDF? Then you must try out PDFBear! 

Vital Role of PDFs

Although plain webpage links are somewhat tricky to manage and share with other users, why do we have to change HTML to PDF? Documents in portable document format continue to take part in improving the overall performance and convenience of electronic files. Not just in Word compositions, but for Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations as well.

You may have noticed that most distributed electronic files are in PDF because they are the ideal file format to share and print. They are more compact than others making it the best pick for webmail uploads. They are also the most versatile file format as they work in almost all operating systems and different device types, even for your mobile phones! 

Why We Should Convert HTML to PDF and How

Aside from the PDF benefits stated earlier, another purpose for its conversion is that it provides better security than others. This is where PDFBear comes in, the free online converter we’ve been talking about earlier. Most users who convert their HTML to PDF go for security reasons provided that PDFs can be password-protected. Here’s how:

  1. In the HTML to PDF function of PDFBear, copy-paste your preferred webpage to its dropbox. 
  2. PDFBear’s conversion will begin and will only last for five to ten seconds. The first loading is the HTML upload, and the second loading is the conversion process. 
  3. Your HTML is now converted to PDF! Download your file directly to your Google Drive or device disk. You can also use its file URL for faster online sending. 

In just three easy steps, your file is converted to PDF! PDFBear’s converter tool is fast, efficient, and reliable, especially if you are in a hurry. Catching up to your deadlines is safe with PDFBear as it works 24/7 as long as you are online. You can also check out their homepage to see more options for PDF conversion. 

How To Combine PDFs For Compilation

Now, you have your files in the portable document format, and things will be a lot easier. The next recommendable thing to do is to organize your file better by combining your PDF pages. If you have too many PDF documents scattered all over your desktop or folders, it is best to keep them all together in one PDF, save more disk space, and have a more organized PDF.

To accomplish this, go to PDFBear again and choose the PDF Merge option. Follow the same steps with the conversion uploading process, and then you will be brought to a different page. You will see your uploaded PDF, and you can press the add more pages button to upload other PDFs for compiling. Once done, apply and save the changes, and you are done! 


PDFBear is a fast-working online PDF converter tool that provides adequate privacy for your upload documents. It has a state-of-the-art security system to keep your confidential files within your eyes only. Protecting PDFs with passwords through PDFBear is also doable. 

The mentioned functions only involve the PDF converter and PDF merger, but PDFBear has more to offer. If you also need PDF split, compress, editor, and repair tools, you definitely must check out PDFBear! 

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