3 PDF Converter Tools for HTML to PDF Conversion

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We all know that PDF files are one of the widely used file formats today. So, it is only reasonable to know how to convert a file format to PDF or vice versa. Of course, no one reading this article wants to retype or reformat anything to meet the required file format, right? 

Everyone wants the convenience PDF converter tools to offer to us. But what is the best PDF converter tool to convert your HTML to PDF files? To help make things easier for you, we have compiled three PDF converter tools that are extremely easy to use and navigate, and you don’t have to pay for a single cent.


One of the easiest and quickest ways to convert HTML to PDF online is through PDFBear, a free web-based converter tool that offers a wide array of file formats. You are not limited to an HTML to PDF converter tool and PPT, Excel, Word, JPG, or PNG. Also, PDFBear offers other tools, such as splitting, compressing, merging, deleting PDF, and so much more. 

PDFBear is indeed one of the safest ways to trust your files since they have installed a 256-BIT SSL Encryption Technology to ward off digital evildoers such as cybercriminals or hackers. They guarantee that your files will never fall into the wrong hands, and to make sure of that, each downloadable link you receive after converting will expire after some time.

Additionally, after an hour of uploading your files, PDFBear will automatically remove all the files. Knowing these, you can already rest assured that your files are well protected and secure in PDFBear’s system. In just two minutes, your HTML will successfully be converted into a high-quality PDF file. You only need to do two clicks on your device to convert your HTML into PDF files. 


GoGoPDF is also a web-based converter tool that is compatible and supports all types of operating system, device, or web browser. You don’t have to worry anymore if GoGoPDF supports the device you are using. Since it is a web-based converter tool, your device is less prone to virus or malware infection that sometimes comes with installing or downloading software or an app on your device.

GoGoPDF prides itself on its HTML to PDF converter with a high degree of compatibility. They assure all of their users that you will never experience any compatibility issues or any problems whenever you convert your HTML to PDF with them. GoGoPDF also has a security system that will prohibit anyone from ever accessing your files without your permission.


The last HTML to PDF converter tool on our list is SmallPDF. Don’t get us wrong, even if they are called “small,” they are still quite powerful and reliable. Once you visit their website, you will immediately see their colorful user-interface and how easy it is to navigate through their website. Upon clicking on these colorful squares will redirect you to your desired converter tool, which in case, in this matter, is HTML to PDF.

They are limited to an HTML to PDF converter. They offer other functionalities such as Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, splitting, merging, repairing, password-protecting compressing, and so much more. Why not visit their website and see what more they have to offer you? You will be amazed at how “big” their website is.


A quick search on Google will yield you so many PDF converter tools, but we have listed above just three of the best. You are guaranteed that you will never experience any mishaps, problems, or compatibility issues regarding their HTML to PDF converter tool. So, why not give it a shot and convert it with them now?

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