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Mobile security:

And also, the adoption of smartphones, tablets, and now wearables has fueled new ways of communicating. It has also influenced how we buy products, changed the way we bank and pay with mobile banking and mobile payment solutions, and changed how we interact with brands. However, it has created an entire industry with the economy emerged from the applications industry.

On the other hand, the use of personal devices for business use (BYOD) has further driven the use of mobile devices in everyday life. Governments are also capitalizing on the mobile revolution, as evidenced by the emergence of new mobile identity initiatives, such as digital driver’s licenses in the US. However, suddenly mobile applications have become the primary way of relating to the world.


However, this significant change goes with growing threats to mobile security. And also, mobile devices are becoming more valuable, and hackers are increasingly targeting mobile applications that contain useful data. According to Kaspersky Lab, the volume of malicious programs targeting mobile devices grew more than three times in 2015, compared to 2014.

However, industries and governments must implement software-based mobile security solutions that protect their online resources, IP addresses, private user data, and personal digital identities. In addition, within these industries and governments, application developers must:

  • Maximize user reach while ensuring the best protection for devices that lack hardware-based security features, such as Secure Items (SE).
  • However, address the lack of control of mobile devices in the field and how they use.
  • Therefore, ensure user convenience with authentication solutions that work for everyone conveniently, without compromising the user experience.

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