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5 Key Marketing Trends Changing the Gaming Industry

5 Key Marketing Trends Changing the Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry – If there is any industry that has been successful during this COVID-19 pandemic, it is none other than digital gaming. With many people confined within their homes, most of them turned to digital games like PlayAmo Casino for keeping themselves engaged and entertained with their families and friends virtually. However, with the lockdown restrictions getting a bit easier and businesses on verge of reopening, what are important trends in digital gaming that companies must be aware of to sustain the growth momentum? Let us check out.

Growing Adoption Of The Digital Distribution

With the growing adoption of digital sales & distribution of the games, the sales of the physical game are in decline. Increased speeds of internet, higher hardware storage abilities, and reduced footfall to the retail stores are actually driving stronger growth of digital sales. Fast wifi, smartphones, and speedy networks have actually changed the consumer attitudes for accessing & owning music, film, and games from the physical to digital. Since digital sales & distribution of the games continue growing, publishers have to prioritize the digital distribution when they are setting the marketing strategy.

With immediate access to the internet in the current markets, there is a huge growth in several people in the past few years, because of the worldwide expansion of smartphone manufacturers providing affordable smartphones & government investment in the mobile internet infrastructure. It is been indicated that over 1 billion people all over the world stream games on the internet every month. The current numbers indicate that for a quarter of internet users, over 1 billion users watch live streams of people playing games every month.

Increase In E-Sports

Most of the people have switched to e-sports as one of the conventional competitions went on hold because of COVID-19. Since networks look for filling hours of the planned sports content, which were canceled, most of the e-sports tournaments also have been broadcasted on live TV. This e-sports industry currently is valued very high.

Besides e-sports experienced a growth rate of over 11.7% by February 2020, since 272 million audiences & 223 million fans, and the overall audience increased to over 496 million. According to one report, the yearly growth rate of e-sports is also estimated to be around 10.4% by the year 2023. Their number of casual audiences is predicted to grow over 351M, with 295M enthusiasts, and making 646M an overall audience.

Growth Of The E-Sports Audience 

Whereas the biggest e-sports markets are America, South Korea, and China, and e-sports audience also is expanding worldwide with help of the online streaming platforms. The e-sports gamers make use of this platform for live-broadcasting the gameplays & coverage of the events. This allows players to engage with the fans easily.

The Popularity Of The Content Creators & Live Streaming

Online game watching is now growing across a wide number of demographics with the COVID-19 increasing the growth in the new streamers & content creators. There is a wide variety of video game content getting watched and is broadening. The viewers are getting emotionally invested in the streamers that build various communities authentically. Esports presents an additional monetization platform for the publishers, and ways for the brands to access all types of audiences.

The Fast Growth Of The Mobile Games

The fast-growing adoption of the mobile games of penetration of different multiplayer games online & location-based games is propelling the in-game ad market. The growing penetration online in such developing economies plays a very important role to drive the current market. The increasing internet penetration all along with the availability of the fast & cheaper internet solution is leading to the high adoption of smartphones mainly for gaming purposes. Gambling companies online are investing in growing mobile channels for games with more applications & social gambling for improving their convenience and accessibility for the users. In the year 2020, around 70% of the overall gambling income got projected from mobile gambling.

Final Words

Availability at the affordable rates of smartphones with high-end functions like expanded capacity, graphics as well as higher processing speeds generally allows the internet gambling businesses to design mobile applications. Mobile gambling provides valuable benefits, which include deposit opportunities, offer schemes, and the opportunity of competing with somebody anywhere in this world.

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