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Marketing Agency write For Us is becoming increasingly important: in 2018, online advertising accounted for 31% of total advertising spending in Germany. However, In 2017, a total of around € 7.06 billion was generated from online advertising. According to a ranking of the countries in Europe with the highest investments in online advertising, Germany ranked second behind Great Britain in 2016.

Online marketing is gaining momentum with new channels and opportunities. And also,  To use their online advertising budget wisely, businesses increasingly rely on outside professional support. The roles of online marketing agencies have changed dramatically in recent years: they no longer act as mere intermediaries between the client and the advertising platform, but act primarily as service providers and consultants. And also, Online marketing agencies develop individual strategies and holistic concepts, use important technologies, and perform a general advisory function.

What is a marketing agency?

Therefore,  are dedicated to providing advisory services and external support to other companies, organizations, communities, influencers, individual professionals, and managers related to the planning, implementation, and control of different marketing activities, whether market research, analysis of opportunities. However, And threats, development of marketing plans, sales advice, consultancy, public relations, planning and purchasing of advertising space, among other services, seeking to promote products or services in the appropriate markets.

The mission of Marketing Agencies is to carry out strategic actions to meet the requirements of their clients. For this, they will use specialized processes and tools to optimize it. Therefore, It starts with analyzing the brand’s current situation. It then develops a brief document that will provide the information necessary for creating a marketing plan, which, once implemented, requires constant monitoring to measure results and optimize processes, both actions and investments.

And also, Marketing agencies are made up of specialized work teams in different fields, each leader is in charge of the staff who perform specific actions, and if they fulfill all of their roles together and join in their work, they will make it work. And also, Marketing agencies are specialized like their work teams. That is, they depend on human resources to be who they are.

Digital Marketing Agencies:

Digital marketing agencies differ from traditional agencies by using digital platforms to deliver solutions and services. They offer services for social media management, web page design, viral content, content management and administration, ads in Google Ads, among others.

Why hire an online marketing agency?

Lack of technical knowledge on the business side: If the online marketing department is not made up of a full team, but only people, the company often cannot lead the online marketing employee. And also, Because no one in the company is familiar with the subject and therefore cannot identify the necessary tasks or correctly evaluate the results and monitor the employee.

Lack of communication with other experienced online marketers is also often a problem. And also, The experience of a team saves the company unnecessary mistakes, time and money. An agency generally has the necessary experience in many different projects and sectors and reaches the optimal concept more quickly.

Munich’s online marketing agency is up and running

As an agency that works for its clients part-time, resource planning is very important to us. Therefore,  In the first step after the order, we plan the times reserved by the client. After checking the current status of the project, we analyze the market situation and coordinate with the client to also use internal know-how. Therefore, Several experts always work together within the agency to use knowledge and optimize processes. According to the four-eye principle, for example, off-page concepts are created, an additional hygiene check is carried out in the SEA or texts are checked. After more than 10 years of agency work, this approach has proven to be the best practice for developing successful concepts and leading successful projects.

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