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Malamaal Weekly Movie Download

Malamaal Weekly Movie Download

Malamaal Weekly Movie Download

Malamaal Weekly is a 2006 Indian Hindi joking, written and directed by Priyadarshan starring Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, Riteish, Rajpal Yadav, and Asrani. The film received mixed evaluations from critics but did well at the box office, grossing 42.7 crores on a budget of 7 crores. It was a remake of Wakeful Ned (1998). The film was re-shot as Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw in Telugu and as Dakota Picture in Kannada. Priyadarshan himself re-created the film in Malayalam as Aamayum Muyalum.

Malamaal Weekly


The film is set in the impoverished village of Lahore, where after drought, most of the villagers’ property is pledged in favor of the local Thakurani Karamkali (Sudha Chandran). One of the few entertainment villagers can afford the lottery, Malaamal Weekly (minimal means “rich” in Hindi).

Details About the Movie

Directed by: Priyadarshan

Screenplay by: Priyadarshan
Story by: Priyadarshan

Based on: Waking Ned (1998)

Produced By: Suresh Balaje

Cinematography: Sameer Arya

Music by :Uttankk V. Vorra

Starring: Paresh Rawal
Om Puri
Rajpal Yadav

Narrated by: Naseeruddin Shah
Production companies:  Percept Picture Company

Sahara One Motion Pictures

Edited by: N. Gopalakrishnan
Arun Kumar

 Released Date: 10 March 2006

Running time:160 minutes

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Box Office:  ₹42.7 crore

Budget: ₹ seven crore

Malamaal Weekly Movie Film Review

Lilaram (Paresh Rawal) is the only tasteful man in the village. He has the job of an intermediary between the lottery organization and the town. Every time a villager wins; Therefore, you have a relatively good but volatile income. One day he reads the lottery winning numbers and finds that one of the tickets won the top 1 crore (10 million Indian currency, or about $ 160,000, a relative fortune in rural India). Make a plan to receive the winning ticket and submit it to the commission as your own. He organizes a dinner (mortgage to his wife’s beloved goat, Gattu, who is like a child to her, to the Thakurani to pay for it) and invites all the villagers to play the lottery, but the seeker does not appear. By eliminating, he deduces the winner is Anthony (Innocent), the drunk townsperson, and explains that he didn’t show up because he knew he’d won the jackpot. Hoping to at least get his commission out, he goes to Anthony’s house and finds him dead, the winning ticket in hand, and a happy expression on his face.

Lilaram tries to snatch the ticket from Anthony’s fingers, but Anthony’s body frustrates him in a rigor mortis. Lilaram finally manages to free him with a knife; At this point, Ballu (Om Puri), the local dairy farmer, enters the house and discovers him next to Anthony’s corpse with what appears to be a murder weapon in his hand. Ballu’s unfortunate assistant Kanhaiya (Riteish), struggles to follow Ballu’s orders and makes many mistakes. He has an emotional relationship with Ballu’s daughter Sukhmani (Reema Sen), who has also joined them. Lilaram tells Ballu the truth and persuades him to keep quiet to share the lottery winnings.

How To Watch And Download Malamaal Weekly Movie

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