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Is It True That Real Money Can Be Earned Playing Red Hot 7 and Other Casino Games?

Is It True That Real Money Can Be Earned Playing Red Hot 7 and Other Casino Games?

A common question among newbie players at online casinos is, “can I win real money?” The simple answer is Yes. However, the process of achieving this isn’t that straightforward as there’s nothing definitive at the online casino.

Have you ever played online slots like the Red Hot 7 slot machines? Perhaps you’ve tried roulette games or some other free online casino games for fun? If you have, you’ll notice that there are differences in gameplay. Earning money through online gambling boils down to knowing what you want in terms of casino game selection. And you need a good grasp of the specific game rules to make this decision and subsequently navigate the gameplay effectively.

If you want to stand a chance of making the millions present in the casino industry, you’ll have to look at the right places. And you’re in luck as this article aims to provide an exposé on how you can make real money without any hassles. 

A little spoiler: While making money on the above game variations is possible, you’ll require two things to win – skill or luck. Understanding this important distinction is crucial in increasing your chances of winning.

Luck-Based Games Skill-Based Games
They don’t feature any precise strategy for making wins. There are strategies that can influence gameplay in your favour.
Landing a win is a random event determined by chance. Players can win by a stroke of luck or by effectively playing different strategies.
They have a higher house edge and generally favour the casino. The house edge is much lower.
Players play against the casino. Players challenge each other.
Offers random massive jackpot prizes. The amount of money to be won is often stipulated, e.g., odds for a successful bet option or a share of a prize pool.


Making Money Online: Tips to Implement

Whether luck-based or skill-based, winning money is possible. There are so many online games, but in this feature, we’ll be highlighting tips for the following:

  • Slot Machines
  • Roulette
  • Online Poker

Slot Machines

Winning real money on a slot is possible. With most gamers favouring this variation of casino games more, slots are currently setting a precedent at most casinos worldwide.

For players new to online gambling with slots, the process isn’t all that daunting as once perceived. First off, to make real money, you’ll have to practice.

With some gambling sites offering online slots free, players can now have a grasp of the specific intricacies present on these games without having to spend a dime. It’s crucial to note that you can’t earn money with free games as they’re just for recreation. However, once you’re done practising, it’s now time to place real money wagers.

Before you proceed, make sure to check the Return to Player (RTP) value of the slot you intend to place bets on. This tells you how generous the game is.


Winning at roulette isn’t always smooth sailing. However, following these tips to the latter is sure to grant you some decent wins:

  • Place wagers on a legitimate platform: This should be the foremost consideration of every gambler before playing online casino games. Just before you place bets, make sure to run checks bordering on legality and authenticity. If the casino has all the necessary licenses (such as the Government of Curacao) in place, you can set bets; rest assured that the roulette table isn’t rigged.
  • Never go fully in: To accentuate your casino bankroll at all times, you must make sure to resist the temptation of placing bets with all your funds on a single roulette game. Why? It becomes increasingly herculean to gauge other players. If you’re a newbie, seek out free roulette variations.
  • Play some free games: Before you go “neck-deep” into the game of roulette, make sure to try out other free games at casino sites. That way, you can have a foundation on certain gaming terminologies such as rotation, wheel speed, and so on. 

Furthermore, you’ll be able to point out certain in-game biases, like a scenario where the roulette ball lands on the same pocket time and time again. With free gameplay, you acclimate yourself with the dealer, table structures, and payouts. Being armed with all these details is crucial to improve your gaming experience.

  • Play the European roulette: Although there are three major roulette variations, only the American and European versions are at the forefront in terms of popularity. In terms of payouts, the European roulette is the most generous. While the American and European roulette feature the house edge, it’s more herculean to win at the former since it has a total of 38 numbers. 

That said, when playing European roulette, place bets on the odd/even numbers. While the odds featured in these numbers might be low, there’s a tendency that you hit frequent wins to give your casino account that desired boost.

  • Use strategies: In terms of strategy, the Martingale strategy works wonders. Here, when you lose a bet, you double your wager during the next round to make “x2” your winnings.

Online Poker

Playing online poker is very convenient. Here, you can access different poker formats and play for real cash. Also, you can enter a player tournament and place wagers from the comfort of your home. There are social media challenges available too.

What’s more? These games can be scheduled to fit into your timeline, and you can choose any poker game room to join. That said, if you’re serious about making money with online poker, these few steps should come in handy:

  1. Select a poker site and go through the registration process.
  2. Once you’re done, make a deposit.
  3. Increase your casino balance by engaging in cash games and other poker tournaments.
  4. Study gameplay carefully to increase your pre-existing win ratio.
  5. Repeat the third and fourth steps. Finally, you can make withdrawals on successful bets.

Making withdrawals should also spur you on to study the poker table as the essence of playing any variation of poker is to make more money.

Bottom Line

Now you’ve got a foundation on the different tips you can employ to win real money during your online gambling journey. Are you looking for pure fun, or do you want to eke out a living from playing casino games? Whatever your choice is, we’ve given pointers vital for both.

That said, never have unrealistic expectations as the odds may or may not be in your favour.

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