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Best Ways to Make Money Using a Smartphone

Best Ways to Make Money Using a Smartphone

Anyone can make money online, and these days you don’t even need to be at home. It’s simple to make a little extra pocket-money, or even a full living using nothing more than the device we all have in our pockets these days. It’s effectively a PC, a camera, a TV Studio, a bank, and potentially one of the best investment accounts, all in one device, decades ago it would have been the stuff of Sci-Fi fantasy. Stop just reading Twitter on it and start realizing your phone’s full potential.

Browsing & Shopping

Surely, the way to make money via online shopping is to sell online? Well, not always, there are many ways you can remain paid to shop! Yes, it’s not a myth, you may not make fortunes but there are ways to earn a little extra. You can sign up for many cashback apps that offer you a little money back in your account every time you buy eligible items. Another way of getting free money through shopping is to become a secret shopper or product tester, this is an old method that predates the internet but has found a new lease of life in the online world.

Taking Surveys

Your opinions and attitudes are worth a fortune to marketing people. Why do you think companies such as Facebook give you the ability to access so much content for free? Well, they gather a massive amount of data on your thoughts, habits, and interests. But why give it all away for free? You can take surveys and get paid a fee for each one you complete. The level of payment offered depends on the survey length and the company providing it, but they can all add up.


Gone are the days when to be able to invest, all you needed to make an appointment with a broker, make big choices, and have to have significant sums to invest. These days there are so many options to make money investing in oversoldstocks etc. and there is a huge variety of apps that do this. You can even trade in currencies, both traditional or newer cryptocurrencies, buying Tether is a great example.

Become an Influencer

If you can start a blog, vlog, or social media account that becomes popular you can class yourself as an influencer. Advantages of this, other than adoration and social standing, include being paid to promote products and get free stuff.


There are all sorts of ways you can make money writing online, straight on any modern smartphone. You can write on your website or blog and earn advertising revenue from it. Another option would be to take paid writing work, a classic way of doing this is to write for an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company where you write articles on behalf of their clients to promote the firm’s website.

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