Utilising LCD Screens for Your Business


LCD or liquid-crystal display screens are electronically modulated devices that operate via liquid crystals. These flat panel displays boast a vast variety of uses for consumers and businesses, often found in smartphones, computer monitors, instrument panels, digital signage, and televisions.  

LCD Advertising: the Benefits

If you’ve visited any fast-food chain in recent years, you may have noticed many outlets have replaced traditional menu panels with LCD screens. Digital signage is especially useful for industries where regular changes are commonplace, such as retail stores, restaurants, and bars.

By investing in LCD signage, you’ll mark your business as driven, modern, and willing to adapt to new technology. Plus, LCDs look incredible when compared with traditional signage. Digital signs are bright, clear, and eye-catching, quickly drawing the attention of consumers.

In terms of economics and efficiency, LCD screens trump traditional static displays. Many digital systems can be managed remotely via a cloud service, allowing business owners to manage, upload, schedule, alter, and publish displays as necessary. When new sales, promotions, or menu items become available, businesses can display the news to customers in an instant.

Commercial and Consumer-grade Screens: what’s the Difference?

When choosing LCD screens for your business, you’ve two options to choose from: commercial-grade and consumer-grade. While commercial-grade screens cost more, they’re generally more durable than consumer-grade screens. 

When compared with consumer-grade screens, commercial-grade screens:

  1. Can handle more than 16 hours of continual outdoor use.
  2. Feature a thinner bezel, perfect for portrait orientation.
  3. Tolerate higher temperatures and exposure to direct sunlight.
  4. Are designed to last longer and are generally higher quality.

Some commercial displays feature extra benefits such as weatherproofing. For particularly challenging climates, businesses should invest in industrial-strength LCD monitors rated explicitly for outdoor use. Alternatively, invest in a digital signage enclosure to keep your commercial-grade screen safe from water damage.

Improve the Customer Experience

Not only are digital displays better for business—they’re better for consumers, too. LCDs fundamentally impact the customer experience, allowing consumers to interact with the displays directly. This level of interaction gives customers a sense of control over the service or product they’re purchasing.

One example of interactive displays is the self-order kiosks now available at fast-food restaurants around the world, or modern supermarket self-serve checkouts. These innovative options reduce perceived wait times and increase order accuracy, leading to a better perception of your business in the customer’s eyes. Similarly, customers may enjoy scrolling through shop specials or menu options while waiting to order. 


LCD signage is the way of the future. By investing in LCD screens, you’ll improve your relationship with customers, boost efficiency, save money, and save time. With your flashy, eye-catching technology, you’ll also draw the attention of more consumers than ever before.

When investing in LCD screens, remember to choose commercial-grade or industrial-grade displays rather than consumer-grade. With a slightly higher investment, you’ll reap generous benefits for your business and the people who use your services or products.

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