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Top 3 Strategies your Law Firm should be using to Grow your Business

Managing and running a law firm is hard work. Not only do you need a solid team of professional and experienced lawyers to help work with your clients through varying cases, but you must also manage the business aspect of your firm. Just like any business, you need to have exposure and advertising. 

Marketing your law firm can help you grow your audience and potential client pool, which in turn will help you grow your own business. To help grow your law firm there are 3 key strategies that you should employ today to make a measurable difference. It is possible to grow your law firm by building your brand, creating a strong digital presence, and maintaining a pristine reputation.

Build Your Brand

Brands are easily recognizable in all areas of commerce. A logo or a catch phrase can quickly help you remember a particular product or service. Just like with the big companies in the world, a brand can help you grow your business and boost revenues. Your law firm is no different and should adhere to a branded set of constructs that can help you maintain consistency that clients will come to know and respect.

Building your brand can be difficult though, especially if you are starting from scratch. To build your brand it takes a great deal of training for all members of the team. This means that you must have a set of guidelines for team members to follow, a set of systems and procedures that are standardized, as well as measurable goals for your brand. When all members of your team are on the same page with selling your brand to potential clients you are able to send a clear, consistent, and concise message to your audience.  

Digital Presence

Gone are the days of using print media and collateral to advertise. The modern world regularly turns to the digital world to market their businesses and products. Although a law firm relies on face to face, human interaction, you can still use an online digital presence to help gain and grow a larger audience.  

This begins with making sure your website for your law firm is up to date, accurate, and easy to read. You want to be able to attract new clients to your website, and make it easy for people to find the information they need. Contact information, photographs, and content should be accurate and timely, showing that your law firm is modern and responsive. Of course on your website you want to have an interactive feature that makes it easy for potential new clients to contact the team, inquire about questions, and set up initial appointments for consultation.  

Another great way to boost your digital presence and expand your business is to take advantage of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a great way to highlight and use key words throughout your content to help trigger higher placement in search result engines. By using keywords that connect directly to both the services you offer as well as the words people commonly search for, you will be able to reach a larger pool audience members, potentially increasing your client base.  

Anyone who has tried to write a valid contract could tell you that it is not an easy task. There are many details that you must include in order for the contract to be binding. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

Maintain Reputation

Law firms live and die by their reputation, and word of mouth can spread quickly for those seeking legal council. For law firms, reputation goes beyond your amount of success in the court room and extends into your demeanor and the manner in which you treat your clients. You want to be able to not only maintain a good reputation in this industry, but you want to be able to use your reputation to your advantage.

When given the opportunity, highlight your clients that have had a good experience working with your team. Advertise positive reviews and use them to your advantage to grow your business. Of course, not everyone will be happy with your services, and that’s alright. Being able to address negative reviews professionally and in a timely manner can still show that you uphold a strong reputation and are willing to help rebuild your relationships with unsatisfied clients. In a world where advertising and marketing are king, a solid reputation can speak volumes. Brag about your reputation and make sure your potential clients are aware of the high quality of service and professionalism you are able to offer them.  

Getting your law firm off the ground can be difficult and time consuming. You are a team of lawyers, not marketing specialists, and need to focus on your clients. At Lawyers Marketing Associates we take the hard marketing work out of your hands to allow you to grow your business and your clientele. We understand what it takes to expand your law firm, increasing exposure, audience, and overall revenues. When your law firm grows, you can help reach a wider audience, offering your services and help to more people.  


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