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Monday September 25, 2023
it services write for us

IT services Write for Us

it services write for us


However, IT service management is a strategic approach responsible for projecting, providing, and managing the information technology services used by a company. Through this process, it is possible to guarantee the efficiency of these services.

In an increasingly competitive market, companies must invest in new technologies and innovation to meet the demands of their customers. Therefore, IT service management is now essential to organize all available technology resources and strategically use them.

Otherwise, the company may suffer from various problems, such as business interruptions, unavailability of systems and the network, incidents with corporate data, breaches, and vulnerabilities, among other setbacks.

Therefore, regardless of the size of the venture, all organizations must manage IT services. To better understand this process and understand how it impacts business, read the following content!

What is IT service management?

Technology Service Management (ITSM), which means IT Service Management, is a set of strategies, tools, and software that follow and control the entire life cycle of IT services in a company.

It encompasses all the technology assets of an organization, from devices used by workers and antivirus to adopted networks, servers, data centers, and cloud resources.

As we already know, companies are using more and more technologies in their work environment, which are more complex and require constant updates and monitoring. And for all technology products and services to function correctly, effective management is essential.

In this way, ITSM emerged precisely to address the complexities of today’s tools, software, and systems. This set of strategies and tools manages the entire life cycle of IT services, taking into account the creation and delivery stages to support and updates.

From IT service management, the barrier between processes, technology, and people can be eliminated, genuinely integrating the entire internal environment of the company. With this, the IT team has greater visibility of the workflows and the context of the services, which guarantees more outstanding excellence of the services and allows the IT department to stop being just a support area and be an optimizer of business through innovation.

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