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Why You Should Invest in Cardano

Why You Should Invest in Cardano

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency dark horse, we present to you, Cardano! Interestingly, its native coin, ADA, is named after a woman who people consider to be the first computer programmer: Ada Lovelace. But let’s leave to one side any more trivia and get serious about looking at why you should invest in Cardano.

Cardano (ADA) is a decentralized public blockchain platform. Its creator is Charles Hoskinson, who was a co-founder of the highly successful Ethereum (ETH) functionality. Charles launched Cardano in late 2017, to make it a third-generation blockchain, which now seems to have come to fruition.

In this short guide, we’ll look into what’s so appealing about Cardano. We’ll discuss why it could be a third-gen blockchain platform winner and how you can buy it. Let’s get into this!

Cardano Invests in Heavy Academic Research

One of the main reasons why people think Cardano is such a good investment is that the developers put a lot of effort into quality research and development. Their goal is to make the platform attractive to mass users by alleviating the problems that Ethereum and Bitcoin have.

There is a huge potential market out there of people in third world regions such as Africa that don’t have proper access to banking. Cardano is working on solutions there that would be able to let unbanked people have access to ways they can pay for things online. Also, because Cardano uses a blockchain ledger, the idea is that the platform can help to stop corruption in various other developing regions.

Its Smart Contracts Are Making Waves

Cardano is doing loads of work with smart contracts that aim to eradicate reliance on third-party agreements, making it more than just crypto. They are doing this by making their Apps very secure and stable. This means people and organizations can put a lot of trust in the validity of their blockchain ledger.

For instance, Cardano is trusted to the point now where the World Health Organization (WHO) is seeing a lot of value in their services. Cardano is creating a solution to a problem where they can authenticate the selling of pharmaceutical products in a market where many fakes are being sold.

Cardano’s Low Energy Use

If you are going to invest in crypto, you should consider looking for ones with low energy use. The reason for this is that they make more economical sense for the future.

Of course, there is also the environmental argument. This means there may be regulations about crypto mining for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that have a vast carbon footprint.

Putting something like Cardano into your crypto portfolio makes sense. This is because it uses a fraction amount that cryptos like Ethereum and Bitcoin use. Learn more about how to buy Cardano.

Reasons to Invest in Cardano 

We’ve looked at just a few of the reasons why to invest in Cardano. We should also mention it at the time of writing this, it lies within the top ten rated cryptos, which you can check by doing a quick Google search.

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