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5 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Ads With Better Targeting

5 Ways To Improve Your Facebook Ads With Better Targeting

You may easily target your customers on Facebook if you check out different ad formats & possible targeting parameters. Mastering the Facebook strategy will get you ahead of the specific & motivated audience segments, on a network where people religiously spend 40 minutes daily. But if you are short on time, then it’s always wise to hire agencies like Common Thread Collective etc. who already got experience with ecommerce Facebook ads. Here are some strong Facebook ad targeting methods that you have not heard about.

Nurture Leads and Build Loyalty 

Facebook Custom Audience is the most advanced function that allows you to connect on Facebook with your current contacts. To get to your current customers & app users on the favorite network reinforces your product or brand, however, gives you an opportunity of increasing your lifetime user value, loyalty, and order frequency. It works the other way – you may increase the efficacy of the campaigns as well as avoid any wasted clicks just by excluding the current customer list. Suppose you are offering the free trial to the new users, for instance, there is not any reason to show this to your customers.

Begin With A Combination Of The Basic Demographics

When you are setting up the ad, the first thing that Facebook can ask you is to select the age, location, and gender of the target market. Choosing these targeting options will be one big mistake. It can make your users quite large. That does not mean you must completely ignore them. Don’t be focused on an advanced option you skip past these basics. Facebook provides free courses on how businesses will use the targeting options. Suppose you check out the advertising course, you may notice many basic courses will help you build a solid foundation.

Filter by the Level of Education 

When you zero in on the education level, the academic field or other topics is the best targeting way for the products that aren’t appropriate for everyone. Focus on the college grads, degrees, or people who have studied something very specific. For instance, to market the professional CV building service for the graduates, you can use this particular method to eliminate the traffic that does not match the user profile.

Expand To Lookalike Audience

The Lookalike Audiences will be the logical next step you can have when you get a good Custom Audiences campaign. Even though you do not have your email and phone list, you may mirror the Facebook fan base. The lookalikes allow you to expand beyond the reach but target the people with specific profiles, just by creating the audiences, which look like your targets. Suppose you do not have the list, you still can create the Lookalike Audience by using the tracking pixel and create the Website Custom Audience.

Combine Age & Gender 

Rather than just targeting the geographic areas, you can add the age groups or gender to this mix. For instance, target men of 25 to 35, and it is based on the first information that people share while they create the Facebook profile: gender, age, and city they stay in. When you target people based upon where they stay will be a great substitute to target some income levels.

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