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Simple Ideas to Improve Macbook’s Performance

Simple Ideas to Improve Macbook’s Performance

Improve Macbook’s Performance

People who have an underperforming Macbook might think about purchasing a new computer. While that is an option, it is still possible that you can improve your Mac without spending money (unless you are adding new hardware).

Poor computer performance is usually related to improper management. It might be that you have neglected certain aspects and have to face the consequences. So before you start to look for another computer, consider trying these ideas and see if you can restore your Macbook’s performance.

Idea #1 – Free up Drive Space

Having only a few gigabytes of free space is never a good sign. Macbooks are quite notorious for lack of storage space. You will need to free it up regularly. Here are some suggestions:

  • delete old applications, temporary junk files, language packs, emails, and downloads you no longer need
  • transfer data to external hard drives, memory sticks, or clouds
  • subscribe to streaming services and eliminate the need to keep large media files on the Macbook

Idea #2 – Remove Filth Inside

Dust and dirt that accumulate inside can turn into a significant issue. Internal fans will not function optimally. In addition, you will have to deal with annoying noise. A high temperature can lead to internal hardware damages. As you can see, it is important to take proper care of dirt that is inside the Macbook.

If you are afraid of taking the computer apart, find a local service store and let them do the work for you. It costs, but professionals will do a more thorough job cleaning the Macbook.

Idea #3 – Improve Computer’s Security

Improve Computer's Security

A good antivirus is not always enough to protect yourself from malware and viruses. There are malicious threats that can attack your system when you least expect that to happen. 

In addition to a reliable antivirus, consider using a virtual private network (avoid free VPN), enabling the firewall, and installing an ad blocker in a browser to remove pop-ups that redirect you to malware-infested landing pages.

Idea #4 – Close Background Applications

Do not leave idle applications running in the background. They consume resources that could be used in other areas. Moreover, you can end up in a situation when there is not enough memory for every active application.

It might be worth looking at Activity Monitor and see which applications can be replaced with better alternatives. You could also remove apps that are of no use and free up system resources that way. 

Idea #5 – Optimize Internet Browser

A poorly-optimized internet browser can cause a headache. And getting a new browser is not always possible because you have too many bookmarks and other information on your old browser. So what other options are there?

Well, for starters, you should eliminate extensions you do not really need. Clearing the cache regularly would also help a lot. Lastly, some browsers are known for the amount of memory they need for each tab. Therefore, you should notice performance improvements by limiting the number of open browser tabs.

Idea #6 – Get Rid of Visual Effects

Get Rid of Visual Effects

A backlit keyboard, as well as animated openings for the Dock panel, are gimmicks that offer nothing of real value. Visual effects consume battery life and other consumer resources, so keeping them enabled should not be a thing. Disable visual effects on your Macbook.

Idea #7 – Declutter Desktop

Do not get used to keeping your files on the Macbook desktop. It can reach a point where using the Mac becomes almost impossible because of all the desktop clutter. Moreover, you will struggle to switch between tabs. 

Files should be kept in proper locations. Some would argue that keeping files on a desktop is more convenient because you can access them immediately. But sacrificing the computer’s performance for the sake of convenience is not worth it. 

If you have too many files and struggle to find them, create a naming system, and use the search function.

Idea #8 – Stop Memory Leaks

Memory leaks are inevitable because applications that have been running for a long time and distribute memory where the memory should not be distributed. The best way to prevent memory leaks would be regular computer restarts. 

If you are not keen on restarting the Macbook regularly because of applications that load after every reboot, reduce the startup application list in the System Preferences and enable the auto-login feature. These two suggestions will reduce the waiting time.

Idea #9 – Reinstall the OS

Reinstall the OS

Reinstalling the OS can be complicated for first-timers. However, if you decide that it is time to give your computer a fresh start and go for it, ask for some advice or look up tutorials online. Also, remember to back up files you want to keep since all the data is wiped after reinstalling the operating system.

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