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Everything you need to know to use WhatsApp well

Main Functionalities

    1. Send text messages.
    2. Send a voice message.
    3. Submit your location.
    4. Send a photo or video.
    5. Share contact.
    6. Create a WhatsApp group.

How can I get Around them?

If you have Android and you don’t want your contacts to see when you read their messages, you can bypass the checks by deactivating the Read confirmation option . But remember: if you deactivate this function, you will not be able to see when your contacts read your messages either.
Go to: Menu button> Settings> Account info> Privacy

There you will find the option Reading confirmation . You can turn it on or off just by pressing and holding the function. This option is not available for iOS, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone devices.

Send a Conversation History to Someone

WhatsApp allows you to send your conversations or chats, as well as their attached messages, through an email. A file in .txt format will be attached to this email with the text of your conversations and, if you wish, also the latest files you have received.

If you have Android:

    1. Hold down the conversation you want to send and a drop-down menu with different options will appear.
    2. Select Email Chat .
    3. Decide if you want to Attach file (s) or send history No files .
    4. Enter the name email addressof the person to whom you want to send your conversations.

If you have iPhone

    1. Open the WhatsApp chat you want to send
    2. Press at the top of the screen where the name of the contact or group appears (access bar to Contact information ).
    3. Drag down and select Email Conversation .
    4. Select Attach files or No files .
    5. Write your email and press Send .

If you have BlackBerry

    1. Select the conversation you want to send.
    2. Press the button.
    3. Select Send chat by email .
    4. Compose and send the email.

If you have Windows Phone

    1. Open the chat you want to send.
    2. Press the three dots in the lower right corner> info or info. of the group .
    3. Press the three dots in the lower right corner again.
    4. Select email history .

* Warning: you may not be able to send the full history due to the email size restriction in Windows Mail.

Change the Background of the Conversation

In addition to customizing your user profile with your name, photo and status, WhatsApp also allows you to customize the background that we see behind our conversations.

If you have Android:

Go to: Settings> Settings> Chat settings> Background

You will find two options:
– Gallery : to set one of the photos from your roll of photos as the chat wallpaper or from where you can download WhatsApp clipart . By default, an image will be assigned to you automatically.
– No background .

If you have iPhone:

Go to: Settings> Chat settings> Chat wallpaper

There you will find two options:
-Fund library that allows you to choose between various funds created by WhatsApp.
– Photos to set one of the images from your smartphone’s photo gallery as the background.

Click on the one you like the most and you will see a Preview of how the selected image is. If you agree select fix .

If you have BlackBerry:

Go to the Application Menu (swipe from the top of the screen) and go to: Settings > Multimedia Settings> Chat Background

There you can choose to upload an image from your multimedia gallery or take a new photo that you can use as a background.

If you have Windows Phone:

Go to: Settings> Chat settings> Background> Chat Background

And you can choose between:

  • Upload an image from your albums .
  • Take a new photo .
  • Choose one of the default WhatsApp backgrounds.
  • Search for an image on the Internet.

Backup my Conversations

WhatsApp automatically saves a backup of your conversations on your smartphone on a regular basis, but if you want to make sure you don’t lose your messages, you can also manually save your conversations whenever you want. To do so, follow these instructions:

If you have Android :

1. Go to WhatsApp> Menu button> Settings> Chat settings .
2. Select Save Conversations .

If you have iPhone:

1. Go to WhatsApp> Settings> Chat settings> Chat copy .
2. Select Make Copy Now .

In addition, from this same menu you can program a Automatic Copy regularlyDaily , 2. SelectWeekly or Monthly

With any of these functions (automatic copy or manual copy) what you do is save your chats and multimedia files (photos and audio) from WhatsApp in your iCloud account. Videos are not saved to avoid taking up too much space in the backup.

If you have BlackBerry:

1. Open WhatsApp and go to the Application Menu (swipe from the top of the screen).
2. Select Settings> Multimedia Settings> Save Conversations .

If you have Windows Phone:

1. Open WhatsApp and, on the main chat screen, press the three dots in the lower right corner.
Settings> Chat settings.
3. Press backup .

In all cases, the time required to create the backup will depend on your Internet connection and the size of the backup.

Use Enter to Send Messages

If you have a smartphone with an Android or Windows Phone operating system, you can speed up the use of WhatsApp so that your conversations are faster and more fluid, activating the use of Intro to send messages. In this way, every time you press Enter you can publish your message, instead of changing lines, without having to wait to write the whole paragraph.

If you have Android

Go to the Menu Button> Settings> Chat Settings and select the first option: Enter to send.

If you have Windows Phone

Open WhatsApp and, on the main chat screen, press the three dots in the lower right corner. Select settings Chat settings and check the option Enter to send . Enter to send

option is not available for iPhone or BlackBerry

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Shortcuts for Conversations

Only if you are an Android user and if you have a WhatsApp contact with whom you constantly talk, you may be interested in creating a shortcut to the conversation with that person, directly on the desktop of your smartphone.

Open WhatsApp and hold the conversation you want to create the shortcut for. A drop-down menu will appear with different options: select Create shortcut.

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