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How To Protect Your Eyes From Digital Blue Light

How To Protect Your Eyes From Digital Blue Light

How To Protect Your Eyes From Digital Blue Light

Blue Light Glasses – Due to the fast-paced digitalisation being witnessed across the globe, our dependence on digital screens has increased enormously. In some cases, digital screens have actually become a necessity and we rely on it to get even some of the basic work done.

The direct result of our increasing dependence on digital screens is an increase in screen time. Medical experts – across the globe – have pointed out the fact that increasing screen time is a medical concern. Things like blue light blocking glasses are being adopted at a large scale to deal with this. We will discuss whether these pairs are effective or not, but before that, let’s see why increasing screen time is a worry.

Why Is Increasing Screen Time A Worry?

Screen time – as such – is not a concern. But when it crosses a certain threshold, this is when it becomes a thing to worry about. Digital screens are one of the major artificial sources of blue light.

The effect of blue light on the eyes is what many medical experts are studying about. And there are signs that under certain circumstances, it might cause harm to our eyes. Before we discuss the harm that blue light might cause, it is important to understand what blue light actually is.

Blue Light – What?

The visible spectrum of light – the spectrum that is visible to the naked eye – has many components of light, which differ because of differences in their frequencies. Blue light is one of the components in the visible spectrum that has a frequency that lies towards the higher end.

When it comes to the sources of blue light, the sun is by far the largest source and it is also a natural source of blue light. Objects like LED bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and the one in discussion – digital screens – are some of the major artificial sources.

You need to understand the difference between blue light received by the sun and that received from digital screens. In the case of digital screens, since you are in close proximity, the intensity of blue light striking our eyes is much higher.

Is Blue Light Harmful?

When received by the body in the right amount, blue light is actually a necessity for the proper functioning of our body. It keeps the circadian rhythm – the natural sleep and wake cycle – of our body aligned, and it is also known to alleviate our mood, keep us active and alert.

However, there are certain conditions in which blue light can be harmful for our eyes. Let’s look into these!

  • When the exposure to blue light is in excessive amounts, i.e, it crosses a certain threshold beyond which it is unhealthy.
  • Exposure under dim light conditions can also cause harm as in such a case, there is a high stress on the eyes.
  • When exposed to it before going to bed.

Under the above-mentioned conditions, blue light can lead to digital eye strain with symptoms like dry eyes and blurred vision. Excessive exposure to blue light over a prolonged or long-term period of time, can result in further complications such as phototoxicity and age-related macular degeneration.

Recently, I came across the page of Specscart – an eyewear startup in the UK – on Instagram. One of their posts that displayed their stylish collection of blue light glasses amazed me so much that I headed over to their website to buy a pair for myself. I was struggling with digital eye strain for quite some time. After I have started to use these pairs, I no longer have the problem of digital eye strain.

Apart from blue light glasses, there are also other measures that you can take to keep your eyes protected from digital blue light. Let’s discuss these!

How To Protect Your Eyes From Digital Blue Light?

It is understood that avoiding digital screens completely is not at all a possibility in this digital modern era. People in all age brackets and in all walks of life use digital screens in some form or the other. For students and working professionals, the dependence on digital screens is even more. So what should be our course of action?

In unnecessary circumstances or in situations where there is an equally effective alternative available, the use of digital screens can certainly be avoided.

Also, we need to focus on developing some good digital wellbeing habits such as to avoid unconsciously scrolling through our social media and keeping digital devices away a couple of hours before going to bed.

If it is a necessity for you to work on digital screens for long hours, you can practise the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, you have to look away from your digital screen and focus on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Finally, let’s come to blue light blocking glasses, which is one of the most effective preventive measures to deal with the harms that might be associated with blue light.

How Blue Light Glasses Are Helpful

As the name suggests, blue light blocking glasses block the blue light incident over their lenses by using a protective coating. In this way, any sort of problems that might arise due to blue light exposure can be eliminated.

Regardless of the amount of time that you spend in front of digital screens, wearing a pair of blue light glasses whenever you face digital screens can go a long way in contributing towards your digital wellbeing.

And it is not that you have to wear blue light glasses only when you are facing a digital screen. You can wear them just like any normal pair of glasses – both for their function and their style.

You can even get the lenses of your existing pair of glasses upgraded with a blue light protective coating by sending them for reglazing. Regardless of the function(s) that you are using your glasses for, you always have the option of adding on the function of blue light protection by opting for reglaze glasses service.

After you have read this writeup, I am sure that most of you have realised the need for blue light glasses. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead with your purchase.

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