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How to Make a YouTube Outro in Few Minutes
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How to Make a YouTube Outro in Few Minutes

A YouTube outro is the end part of a video. With YouTube allowing outros to every video, every channel has started using it in their videos. Outros serve a specific yet essential purpose to make the channel big or market a brand. Many consider the video outro a considerable opportunity to embed a compelling call to action. The call to action can be designed in various ways in which you can redirect the viewers to other videos of your channel or ask them to subscribe, or even redirect them to your website. This is a tremendous yet last chance to engage and connect with your viewers and bring them on board to promote your channel or your brand. 

The first step towards making your video count is selecting an exciting thumbnail to lure viewers into viewing your video. Secondly, put appropriate content within the video so that the viewer is interested in staying, engaging, and viewing the whole video. Finally, use the outro as a powerful tool to embed a call to action and promote your ideas. YouTube outros need to be designed in a particular manner that helps the users through a strategic yet relevant redirection. Essentially, there are four basic types of end screens or outros that you can use on your YouTube video. 

The four types are:

  • Next Video or Playlist– You can provide a link to the other videos on your channel or even create a personalized playlist and provide the link accordingly.
  • Subscribe– You can redirect the viewer to the subscribe button.
  • Channel– You can redirect the viewer to your channel’s dashboard to promote another channel. This is known as “Shoutout” in modern terms.
  • Website– You can provide a link to your website if you are a brand or provide a link to other websites and refer to their products. This is known as affiliate marketing.

How to Make a YouTube Outro

Now that you know the types of an outro, you need to know how to create and embed one in your YouTube video. The method and steps explained in the following points are the most basic ones. Even if you are new to posting videos on YouTube or are quite a novice about it, these steps are simple and will give you a practical head start. All you would need is a powerful outro maker plus editor tool to level up your outro game. Here are the detailed steps

Create a Required Video Project 

While using your outro maker, you would need to select a new project for the outro you want to design. Every new video would require a new project since many would have different layouts. All video editors offer a default window size that can be easily changed while designing. Opting for a new project gives you a base to customize the outro according to your choice.

Select a Background

After you create a new project for designing your outro, you can select the background frame for your outro. It can range from a static background, solid color, personal image, dynamic background, and much more. The number of options for selecting your outro’s background solely depends on your outro maker and the facilities it provides. You can also download free as well as paid packages from the internet and then embed them into your editor to use and create exciting outro backgrounds.

Add Frame Shapes and Annotations

After your template is ready with the background, you can add the various framing elements to link your call to action. Doing this while designing your outro will save you time and a lot of effort before posting the final video on YouTube since adding outros on the YouTube platform is quite confusing. This will also keep your outros consistent since you can use the exact annotation placement for every outro.

While placing the annotation frames, keep in mind that when the viewers hover over a particular option, it opens a rectangular block that contains more information. Ensure that these rectangular blocks appearing while hovering do not clash or intersect with any other annotation blocks. If a particular block coincides with another, it will cover the additional information disabling the viewer from accessing it.

Save the Template

This step is by far the most crucial in this complete guide. If you miss out on saving the suitable template, you would need to design it repeatedly. Hence, after creating the template and testing it as an MP4 file, ensure to save it in your system. This will give you a readymade reference the next time, and you can copy that and edit it further to change the annotations.

Upload and Add the Final Elements

Finish editing your outro and add it to the main video. While you add your outro, finalize the end screen elements and add them according to your annotation placement. Add the relevant links to those annotations and recheck whether they coincide. This gives a final viewpoint of how it is going to look.

Publish and Analyze Through YouTube

After you are done with the main video and its outro, publish it on YouTube. Eventually, please keep checking the numbers behind it and analyze your video’s various ins and outs. Use these numbers to find the loopholes and see where you can improve. Keep a check on the view count and improve accordingly. The click-through rate is also an important metric if you have any promotional call to action in your outro. Analyze and then act.

Wrapping Up

When making a YouTube video and designing its outro, always have a particular goal in mind. Having a goal would provide you with a clear plan and a will to execute that plan. Moreover, keep the outro screen clear and straightforward. Filling out with excessive annotations can confuse the viewer and mislead them ultimately. Keep a trademark consistency, and you are good to go in building a career.

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