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How to Clean a Flashlight Battery

In this article we the grav technology going to provide some series of tips to keep flashlight clean or clean flashlight. and also, we also offer some tips to prevent battery leakage.

Why do Alkaline Batteries Leak?

As alkaline batteries age or release, the chemistry of the battery changes. 1 byproduct of this chemical change is hydrogen gas. The excess gas causes a pressure build-up inside the battery, which can eventually rupture the battery seal, and potassium hydroxide will leak out.

How to Prevent Battery Leakage

Many factors can contribute to alkaline batteries leaking, but you can take protection to help prevent it. The essential thing you can do is store the batteries properly. Don’t keep batteries in an environment with drastic temperature changes, especially in hot climates like vehicles. This will make the batteries to drain faster and the inner seals to wear down quicker. The absolute temperature for the alkaline battery warehouse is between 50 and 77°F.

If you don’t intend to use the flashlight very often, we suggest storing the batteries outside of the flashlight. That way, if they drool, they will not damage the flashlight itself. You can keep the batteries in a convenient battery caddy to hold securely and won’t accidentally short circuit each other.

Don’t use batteries of various brands or discharge states in the same flashlight. This can begin to reverse charging, which weakens the batteries and can make them likely to leak.
Don’t use dented or unless damaged batteries. Batteries with damage are likely to have weakened cell walls, which can cause leakage. Even batteries that don’t exhibit any visible signs of damage can have an internal short if dropped.

Lastly, consider buying a flashlight that can be powered by lithium batteries instead of alkalines. Lithium batteries have better cold-weather performance and are much less likely to leak than alkaline batteries.

Tips for Cleaning a Damaged Flashlight

Always wear hand gloves when handling leaking batteries. The potassium hydroxide is a burning skin and eye irritant. If possible, try to remove the batteries. This can take any effort, especially if the leakage is popular. If you can’t remove the batteries, the damage is most suitable too extensive to repair.

Clean the flashlight with vinegar and a small brush. The acidic vinegar improves to counteract the basic compound potassium hydroxide. If the corrosion is more comprehensive, you can soak the flashlight in the vinegar for several minutes to clean flashlight.

When you done cleaning, rinse the body thoroughly with clean h2O. Clean the flashlight, dry with a towel as much as you can, and air dry completely before use.

Additional Tips and Ideas

Battery acid should not get in contact with the skin. Protect your skin with hand gloves while cleaning corroded batteries.

  • Some have found Coca Cola useful for removing corroded batteries. Soak the battery in the cola, then pat lightly until the battery falls out.
  • If the battery not too severely corrupted, it may be possible to remove it with vigorous shaking.
  • Baking soda has also been found useful for removing corroded batteries. Pour some soda into the flashlight, shake it slightly to distribute the powder. Next, tap the sides gently to dislodge the battery and remove it.
  • The main goal is to remove the corrosion, not to neutralize it. If you have alkaline batteries, using vinegar will offset the pollution (which is just a bonus), and the chemical reaction will help jar the corrosion loose so it can remove. For acid corrosion, the vinegar will dissolve it to be removed, which may be a more effective method. If you require to neutralize the acid corrosion, you would have to use an alkaline material, such as baking soda dissolved in water.

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