Factors to Consider When Hiring a Rental Car in Galveston

Hiring a Rental Car


You are finally flying to Galveston, and you have even earmarked the best spots to visit while there. However, unless you get rideshare that is frequent and fast enough or ready to go by the bus schedule, your best option is to have your own car. With Black Car Service Houston, you can score a cheap car and still have some cash to spend on that attraction your friend told you of.

Renting a car for your Galveston vacation makes perfect sense. It prevents you from over-relying on schedules of public transportation or having to spend money on expensive taxi rides. However, the process of renting a good car isn’t always an easy one. Oftentimes, it requires a lot of research and painstaking deliberations. To make your work easier, we have rounded all the factors to consider when hiring a car in Galveston. Read on to learn more about the best way to move from Houston to Galveston and vice versa.

Who is Traveling?

Knowing the number of people to come with you on your trip is important because it enables you to save money. Therefore, if you are traveling as a couple, or you are in a small group with a few pieces of luggage, you will do fine with a smaller car that’s always cheaper. There is no need for hiring a bigger car if you don’t need a larger space.

What Type of Car do you want?

Reputable car rental companies like Black Car Service Houston will always have a range of cars available for hire. The purpose of this is to allow clients to find the right car for their road trip. The kind of vehicle that you choose should depend on the number of people that are coming for the trip and also where you have decided to travel to. At Black Car Service Houston, we pride ourselves on having a great variation of the cars that we have. You can browse through our Mercedes Sprinter Vans, Sedans, and SUVs to find what truly turns you on. The Sprint Retrospective is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint.

Condition of the Car

It’s always recommended to ensure that your car is in great condition before you drive away from the parking lot. Inspect the car closely for any marks of damage both inside as well as outside of the car. In case you notice some issues with the car you want to hire, it’s best to ask the company to fix these issues or replace it with one that does not have these problems.

If the issues are minor like dents, make sure you take a photo of the car while it is still at the parking lot. This way, you will not be forced to pay or the damage that existed at the time that you hired a car.

Make Sure Your Rental Car Is Properly Insured

It’s critically important to ensure that your trip is insured. To that end, ensure you have all the policy details which will help you to avoid purchasing any additional cover. Some car rental companies will try to sell you an insurance product that you may not require at all if you already have a policy covering the damages.

If possible, buy insurance early and not at the car rental counter as these tend to be pricier. Also, it’s not uncommon for these insurance covers to exclude some damage causes. Take time to know what your policy covers and what it doesn’t just in case you get into a problem.

Beware of the location you hire your car

It is a fact of life that the rate charged by rental car companies differ from one provider to the next. However, did you know that some locations charge higher than others? For instance, you should expect to pay a premium when you get your car at the airport. Also, airports are very popular spots for picking cars, which naturally attracts longer queues and wait times.

Although it gives you the convenience to pick up your car at the airport, you need t weight this against the extra charges it will attract. It might sometimes be better to use public transport to the location that you want to pick your car hire other than the airport. This will no doubt save you money.

Beware Of Additional Fees

At first, you might think that you are getting a really nice deal. However, some rental car companies include hidden charges that end up blowing up your bill. For instance, some companies charge a daily fee for additional drivers. In case you and your driver are younger than 24 years, you could be surcharged a daily underage fee. Different countries impose different maximum and minimum driving age so you need to know what the rules say in your country.

Ensure you refuel your car before returning it as some companies will charge you a fee if you return a car with a partially full tank. Some companies allow you to return a partially-filled tank but often this is an expensive option. The best thing is to fill the tank unless you are open to paying an extra fee for convenience.

Contact Black Car Rental for the Most Competitive Rates for a Flawless Galveston Vacation

Black Car Rental Houston specialized in low-cost and reliable vehicles of all types and sizes. Whether you are moving from Galveston to Houston or vice versa, our vehicles  well maintained and guaranteed to give you the perfect ride. We have small economic cars for commuting within Galveston to touring cars that can do well both in the city and open roads. On the luxury side of things, customers can choose from a range of Mercedes Sprinter Vans, Sedans, and black Cadillac. If you need extra power and space, our well-maintained and high-powered SUVs will do the trick perfectly.

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