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Google – What Is It, It’s History And More
What Is

Google – What Is It, It’s History And More

What is Google?


Google is the world’s most popular website and the world’s most widely used search engine. It is a multinational organization, revolving around the company’s popular search engine. Other Google businesses include Internet search analytics, cloud computing, advertising technologies, web applications, browser, and operating system development. According to the company, the name derives from the word [google] that reflects the “mission” of its founders. And “to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.”

Google is the name of a number created by Milton Sirrota at the age of nine. The nephew of mathematician Edward Kasner; it a one followed by one hundred zeros, or what is the same, in scientific notation, one times ten to one hundred.

History of Google

Google was created in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin , students at Stanford University as part of a degree project, it initially fulfilled a specific function: to improve Internet searches. The rapid growth of [Google] as a powerful search engine represented the downfall of , which at the time was the most used search engine.

Google as a search engine is the most widely used product in the world, but as a result of its creation, web and desktop applications have been developed that complement and build the company [Google] Inc. , in which the life of all these applications is currently developed.

What is Google for?

Now that you know what Google is, it is important that you be clear as to what it is for , that way your company can take advantage of Google’s conditions and its usefulness.

All operating systems are useful for doing searches on Google and this means that for a company it is important to be on Google because all types of users will do their search on the internet using this search engine.

In fact, through a Smartphone, regardless of whether your operating system is Android or another, you can search on [Google].

YouTube videos are also thrown as a result in [Google], all the information in the format that the user searches can be found in [Google] This means that the main function of [Google] is to facilitate users better use of the internet.

It is also used so that any user can enter a web page , social networks, and other web sites with just a few words.

For a company, [Google] is the opportunity for its social networks, its YouTube channel, its website, to have more visibility for users.

It is only necessary to develop a series of strategies so that the information of the company on a web page appears in the search of a user, whether they do their search on a computer or with a Smartphone.

Google serves to increase visits to a web page, to attract users, so that a company has more sales opportunities , to sell products, goods, services, whether they are real estate, or other types of goods and services.

As long as a good strategy executed to take advantage of the [Google] search engine, all kinds of goods and services can sold and the philosophy of the company can be shown, among many other things.

Important Statistics Related to Google

Google is an important company on the Internet, and there are statistical data that confirm this.

These data must known in order to understand why your company should indexed by the search engine, and why your social networks should reinforce the positioning of your company’s website:

It is impressive that approximately 3 billion searches made on Google a day.

On the other hand, the number of people who search the internet through [Google] every day is also important; around the world an approximate 1.17 billion people use [Google], either through a computer or mobile devices such as a Smartphone.

On the other hand, one of Google’s services is Gmail , it can considered as one of all the types of [google] out there, along with Google+, Gmail has more than 450 million active accounts.

In addition to Gmail, the search engine also represents impressive statistics, in fact each year the google search engine gains 5% of new users.

Finally, economically, it estimated that [Google] has profits of $ 30,000 every minute.

90% of the profits of Google, Gmail, Google+, of the types of searches in google come from advertising.

Google Products

Google has a series of products , services and applications, the main one being its search engine, which allows you to find all kinds of information or content on the internet.

This search engine bears the name of the company , and another important fact is that it processes more than one billion search requests and twenty petabytes of data generated by people around the world every day.

Now, among its products, applications services, the following can be listed:

  • [Google] Chrome.
  • Picasa
  • [Google] translator.
  • [Google] Docs.
  • Social networks like Orkut, [Google] Buzz and Google+.
  • [Google] Maps.
  • [Google] Earth.
  • Even the YouTube video site.
  • [Google] Books.
  • [Google] News.
  • Email Gmail.
  • [Google] Calendar.
  • [Google] Drive.
  • [Google] Play for Smartphone with Android operating system.
  • [Google] Talk
  • Among others.

With complete security, your company uses some of these services. Products and applications very frequently, at least Gmail email, Google+, the [Google] search engine. YouTube or [Google] Play for the Android Smartphone. Operating system with which it also you can download apps from google.
Among the types of [google] apps that we have presented you can also find types of academic google, which are [google] tools that facilitate study tasks and knowledge acquisition.

So if you want to succeed with social networks , web pages, with your company’s Android apps and market goods, services or some software. You must take into account the [Google] search engine and its different services.

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