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Famoid vs. Social Empire – The Best Sites to Buy IG Followers
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Famoid vs. Social Empire – The Best Sites to Buy IG Followers

Famoid vs. Social Empire – The Best Sites to Buy IG Followers

Social media has successfully taken the place of digital and press media. Almost every brand and marketer is willing to run its ads on social media. And when we talk about advertisement and social media, Instagram comes first in our minds.

Because according to a survey in January 2021, 64% of marketers stated that they are looking to increase their Instagram usage. At the same time, only 21% were planning to switch to TikTok. So, it means that by the increase in the number of influencers, marketers, and brands are also increasing.

But if you are still not gaining any response from the site, you should find the best site to buy IG followers. And here comes, Famoid and Social Empire. That is why we are here with a comparison of both of these sites.


As of now, Famoid has provided more than 75 million real followers to its 268 thousand happy clients (IG influencers). Famoid is one of those few Instagram marketing agencies that prioritize genuine followers and customer support.

Seventy-five million real followers and 268 thousand clients are evidence of Famoid’s services. These numbers prove that Famoid is not a scam or fraud, and it provides real followers with the will of its customers.

A very few firms are always ready to assist their customers with complete customer support 24/7, and unsurprisingly, Famoid is one of them. Not only real followers, but Famoid has impressed many influencers with its extra features required to run an influencer’s account professionally.

That is why it is said that Famoid is perfect for those Instagrammers who are always willing to get complete account management from a single source. From instant service providing features to giving followers steadily and slowly, Famoid is perfect in almost everything.

You must be thinking that it is more than enough. Why are we just praising Famoid? We are not praising any agency, but we are here with an honest comparison, and these features of Famoid are real. And the best thing about Famoid is that we have nothing about it about which we can say that it is a disadvantage of working with Famoid.

The main target of Famoid is influencers on Instagram, so if you want to grow as a complete social media influencer, then we will never recommend you to Famoid. Because it is perfect for Instagrammers, diversity, and variety eliminate perfection most of the time.

Social Empire

As mentioned earlier, Famoid is not for those who want to grow as social media influencers by keeping Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. That is where Social Empire is great with its features and services. In other words, if you believe that Instagram is part of your game, but it is not enough, and you have to shine on other social media platforms as well, then Social Empire is perfect for you.

Social Empire was created with a vision to assist social media influencers who believe in multiple social networking. Not only on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but Social Empire is extremely capable of assisting you with:

  • Youtube (views and subscribers)
  • Soundcloud (downloads)

An amazing tip that Social Empire always gives is that you should post videos or stories every six hours when you are working with them. That is how Instagram’s algorithm will feel that you are growing organically through methods such as commenting and liking. This increase in followers and views is straight through your hard work.

In simple words, you can control all of your social networking accounts with a single tool or site.

Which one is Better? (Conclusion)

Now, you know that both have different priorities related to services, audience, and clients (Influencers). It proves that both are good with their services but what should you choose? Well, it is quite an easy one.

If you are a social media content maker who wants to shine on Instagram and wants a firm that can manage your account completely, then Famoid is perfect for you. But if you want to become the best in the industry of multiple social networking, then you know what you have to do.

Pro Tip: If you are a new Instagram influencer, you should only work hard on Instagram. Some of the best ways to accomplish this are through increase social engagement, and using the right hashtags. Once these working methods are in place, you can move to other sites after getting some popularity on Instagram.


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