Facebook Analytics 101 – What you Need to Know

If you are here, you have probably understood the importance of content marketing to build brand awareness. Facebook is an essential part of an effective content marketing strategy, considering that it is the largest social network on the planet. On the one hand, you can expect to find your target audience because of sheer volume. On the other hand, it also means you will find your competitors. 

You will have to employ an effective Facebook marketing strategy to stand out from the noise and build your brand. A significant part of this is Facebook analytics and Facebook analytics certification

How do you Define Facebook Analytics?

Facebook analytics serves as a powerful tool that enables you to optimize your social media marketing strategy and launch lucrative marketing campaigns. It lets you track essential performance and data metrics like page likes, follows, actions on-page, and so on. 

Facebook analytics provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your audience, hence making it easy for you to create content that works for them. 

Using Facebook Analytics

Using Facebook analytics seems to confuse many people. To begin, look for Facebook Insights on your Facebook page. Click on the ‘Insights’ option once you log in. There is an option on the left called ‘Overview’.

Overview displays a comprehensive list of all that happens on your Facebook page. There are three categories namely, Page summary, Your 5 Most Recent Posts, and Pages to Watch. You can expect to find the following parameters under Page summary: 

  • Actions on Page: Actions on Page defines the number of clicks you get on your contact information and call-to-action buttons.
  • Page views: Page views define the number of views on your Facebook Page, including those of users who opened your page without logging into Facebook.
  • Page Likes: Page likes defines the number of new likes you get on your Facebook page.
  • Post reach: Post reach defines the number of users who have viewed your post on their timelines.
  • Story reach: Story reach refers to the number of people who have viewed your stories on their timelines.
  • Post engagement: Post engagement a tally of the number of post likes, comments, shares, and other engagement forms.
  • Recommendations: Recommendations define the number of users who have recommended your page.
  • Orders: As you may have guessed, this metric shows your orders and earnings
  • Responsiveness: This metric shows how often and how promptly you reply to users’ messages.
  • Videos: This metric is a tally of the video views that lasted at least three seconds long.
  • Page followers: This metric shows you the number of followers on your Facebook Page.
  • Page Previews: Page previews show you the number of people who hover the mouse cursor over your Facebook page information to gain a preview.

How should you optimize your Facebook Analytics?

Here’s are some steps to optimize your Facebook Analytics: 

Find your Target Audience

Finding your target audience is paramount. You need to figure out if the users who visit your page are a part of your target audience. Be sure to use the Audience Insights tool to view a detailed analysis of your audience. 

Post Content at the Right Time

While the quality of the content is paramount, posting it at the right time is critical to get engagement. Until you post tons of content and analyze the metrics mentioned above, you will not know the optimal time to post. However, you can go with the experts’ recommendations when you are starting. The Facebook Analytics tool helps you determine the best time to post content, allowing you to schedule your posts. 

Post Content that your Audience Wants

Posting the right type of content at the right time, and refining it can be a bit of a challenge in the beginning. However, monitoring trends, analyzing the feedback you receive, and posting content over-time will help you come up with the kind of content that your audience finds valuable. Be sure to engage your audience and ask them for feedback. 

This way, you can optimize your content and come up with new material if you find yourself stuck. While you do this, check if your posts get negative engagement like spam, and find out why. You can make use of the Reach option for this.

Check Facebook Insights Consistently

You cannot expect to check Facebook Insights once in a while to make any real progress. You have to be on top of your analytics game regularly. Check the response to your content periodically to see how your posts are doing. You can click on ‘Export Data’ if you want to download a permanent record of your page data for the past 180 days. You can find this option on the top right corner of the overview section. 

What to Track with Facebook Insights?

Here are a few parameters you should monitor: 

Post reach and engagement

You need to keep track of your post reach and engagement, which means that you have to determine how many people have seen your posts, engaged with them, and reported them as spam. 


You should use Facebook Insights to identify the actions that people take when they check out your Facebook page. You can add many custom Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons. 


Determining your key demographic of people is crucial because it determines your content marketing strategy. You need to use Audience Insights to dive deep into this parameter. 


This parameter describes the number of views on your page and its sections.


As you may have guessed, you need to track your posts periodically and see how well they have done and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly. 


It is vital to employ as many tips and tricks as possible to enhance your content marketing strategy. For YouTube, you can promote business & get income generation by youtube cards. For Instagram, you can use stories and hashtags and Insights. Similarly, mastering Facebook analytics and other aspects of an effective marketing strategy can do you wonders.

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