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Digital Protection: The commodity of the future.

Currently, insurance is an essential piece of our social structure. The assets that belong to us are highly valued aspects for us personally, family, or work. But if what is purely physical worries us in the extreme, we must rethink how important something intangible is to us, such as our own identity or digital reputation, and how we can protect it.

As a precaution against possible risks, for years, we have protected the different tangible items that make up our lives, such as our money, our home, or our car, to receive adequate compensation that allows us to cover the risks if we experience an incident. Years ago, it was unthinkable, for example, that we take out insurance to protect our mobile phones.

However, at present, it is an upward trend. In 2017 alone, the contracting of policies to protect smartphones against claims grew by 15% in India compared to the previous year, according to data from CPP Group India. This increase, when it comes to ensuring our belongings, results from a great demand from the Indian market. In this way, they cover against unforeseen events that can add up to high amounts to repair the damage caused.

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