Difference Between ‘Natural Links’ and Unnatural Links’

In the world of SEO, terms like natural links, quality links, and good links are thrown around like crazy. Whether you’re walking into a client pitch, attending a search marketing conference, or being asked by your boss why you’re not getting quality links, it’s important to know (and be able to explain) all the different types of links.

This chapter will help you:  Understand each link type by providing definitions.

Determine what types of links can help you improve your ranking.- Find out what types of links you may want to add to a rejection sheet. Although specific types of links are often discussed (.edu and relevant, manually updated directories, for example), this will be a good baseline for your use. Blogger outreach service provides a customizable approach to gain high quality, affordable links. Blogger outreach has never been easier.

Types of links

The Natural Links, a natural link is one that occurs organically (not easily seen as being placed by your business).

Natural links do not: Have monitoring parameters. Exists within sponsored or paid content.- Redirect via JavaScript(JS) or monetization tools. natural link exists as a reference or source to a content, link naturally to a website or source.

unnatural links

Unnatural links are the links that are paid for. PR firms and media buyers can locate and track these types of links, or monetize them through affiliate programs, influencers , CPC campaigns, or monetization scripts.

If these links are not followed, Google could potentially take manual action on your site or your site could be algorithmically impacted, because they are not earned/naturally.

Difference between ‘Natural Links’ and Unnatural Links’

As we have seen before, SEO positioning is one of the most important things for companies. It grants prestige and visibility to appear in the first positions of search engines. One of the most vital and difficult strategies within any SEO campaign is the issue of incoming links or Link Building.

You should know that these are very important because they directly affect the Page Rank. Google gives a vote of confidence to your page when someone links to you from outside. Google understands that your content is good enough to be shared. Logically, who links you is also important. The largest pages (amazon, wikipedia, newspapers…) are more important than personal blogs.

Natural links or Unnatural links?

Natural links are all those that occur organically, that is, when other pages decide to link to yours on their own. They are the most complicated to get, but also the most beneficial. On the other hand, Unnatural links will be created by you using different techniques. They are easily obtained and can be of quality, although not as much as the previous ones.

Although the most beneficial links are those that are obtained organically, we are going to see how you can get Unnatural links. In other words, some tips to carry out a correct Link Building campaign.

  • You should try to make this strategy as natural as possible. Therefore, you should not get many followed links all of a sudden. It is best that this technique is used little by little. If not, Google will consider your website as spam.
  • If your site is new, chances are it has quite a few visitors. What happens then? That it would not be normal that, suddenly, links to your website were quickly created.
  • It is best to link to internal pages in addition to the main domain. Look for that link that is most related to the place where it will be linked.
  • The Anchor Text should not be your keyword. You should avoid it if you don’t want Google to penalize you.
  • Avoid by all means that SPAM pages link to you. As we have explained before, the pages with authority are the ones that give us the best positioning.
  • Try to link to pages that have similar content to yours. If you link from sites with no similarities, Google can take you out in different searches.


That is to say, in the above article we have mention some of the important points related to Natural and artificial links, also we have talked about the difference between natural and unnatural links. We hope that you find the above article informartive and helpful.

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