Cybersecurity Threats: What Awaits Us in the Near Future

Nowadays, you should keep your eyes open whenever you are, whether it’s an online or offline world. While you try to earn your living legally, there is always someone who wants to make easy money. And since the digital era has shifted all life spheres to the web where you can order your Friday pizza, buy medicine or pay someone to write my essay, you should be double careful and attentive on the Internet. Even though they work on improving cybersecurity in all possible ways, new threats appear every year, and unfortunately, they become only more advanced and sophisticated. What cyber threats can you come across on the web in the nearest future?

AI will Play on the Opposite Side

Even though Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been created precisely to provide additional cybersecurity, the chances are high that villains will use these technologies. This trend has already started reaching its momentum. You may run into some mutated virus that uses machine learning and all alike technologies in the future. Such systems will be especially dangerous since traditional available tools will not detect them right away because the signature of these mutants will change all the time. So, you should be double careful on the web – avoid unprotected websites and don’t use suspicious links.

As we have already said, malware becomes more advanced when it comes to finding its victims’ weak spots. And using AI, it can adapt to new circumstances and increase the likelihood of a successful attack. The number of threats is rapidly growing, and when we say “rapidly,” we mean in a matter of seconds. And the very attacks become only bolder since they are directed not only on small services but also huge corporations. And even though the info security sector doesn’t stand still, it becomes hard to detect and handle attacks in a short period. All these threats bring changes in the lives of businesses of all sizes. People are forced to ensure the security of all their devices and cloud services along with old-school traditional rules like the creation of reliable passwords and implementation of multi-factor authorization. It seems it will become a new reality everyone should get used to.

5G Issues

Researchers have claimed that the market for 5G solutions will become way much bigger. It’s actually not surprising since the modern market and high-speed development of networks require more effective tools. Nonetheless, 5G has various drawbacks, along with all its advantages. Thus, the low level of security of all software types is its key weak spot, not to mention all types of dangers in the production-delivery cycle. It often happens that scammers point out vulnerabilities of manufacturers’ products. Besides, the level of credibility of third-party solution providers leaves much to be desired. Thus, when 5G becomes valid and available, one may expect an increased number of various attacks, directed precisely at the weak spots of 5G, its soft- and hardware.

The Insecurity of Cloud Services

While people neither believed much nor used cloud services back in days, their usage is common today. People use them to store various things, believing that their data are secured. Whether you exchange messages or buy custom essay online, you want to keep your activity secret and hope that your dirty laundry will never come out. However, data storage services and social networks are like a Holy grail for scammers. And an average user is used to trusting the decisions of big corporations like Microsoft and treating them as safe by default. However, they are constantly attacked by various cybercriminals, and sometimes their activity is successful, so they get access to a tremendous amount of private data. And an awful thing here that leads to huge issues is that skillful cybersecurity specialists are almost unicorns. The increased number of threats forces companies that use cloud services to increase the level of cybersecurity somehow.

Medical Devices

The last few years were productive for the appearance of many medical devices that work with wireless networks. And the lockdown of this year has contributed to the even higher development of such solutions. However, unfortunately, most of them haven’t been tested from the perspective of cybersecurity. Such an attitude results in the fact that various models of heart rate monitors and alike devices have the same weak spots and allow cybercriminals to arrange automated attacks. Thus, experts are sure that about 46% of medical devices will be equipped with IoT modules in the next four years, making them an attractive object for cybercriminals. The key issue here is that the healthcare field cannot boast of universal standards in terms of threats and cybersecurity. We can just hope that they will introduce new standards and protocols towards IoT devices.

The Increased Importance of Predictive Analysis

A company loses big money, not when it is attacked, but when it starts handling all its consequences. Every decent company cares much about their reputation, and when the attack takes place, they have to deal with it, not to mention blackmailing and loss of key data. Thus, every business should know how to identify and deal with the attack ASAP when the situation is still under control. Predictive analysis will become a magic wand that helps meet this challenge.

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