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8 Tips To Be A Great Cybersecurity Professional

8 Tips To Be A Great Cybersecurity Professional

Cybersecurity professionals are in huge demand everywhere. Becoming a cybersecurity expert is not a piece of cake. But hey, anyone can learn cybersecurity. However, there are some things that set apart a good cybersecurity professional from a great one. Read below to find out what are the 8 golden tips that will make you a commendable InfoSec professional.

Develop an Eye for Detail:

As a cybersecurity professional, you will have to tackle cyber crime every day. And crime is never done in broad daylight. Hackers are always sneaky and covert. It will favour you a lot if you naturally possess a keen eye for detail. This includes noticing what other people usually miss and being able to identify and correct the smallest of things. This will also help you identify and correct the tiniest loopholes and bugs that reside in the system you are trying to protect.

Communicate with your Team:

Cybersecurity affects everyone and everyone affects cyber security. Communicating with your team and colleagues about cyber threats is very necessary for the health of the organisation. You need to have strong communication skills to explain technical aspects of security to them and have empathy and patience to inform them about several threats and how to avoid them.

Upgrade your Certifications:

Whatever your job role is, you can always aim for more. The mark of a great cybersecurity professional is how well and fast he/she updates himself/herself. For example, if you are a CEH certified professional, you should aim to upgrade your certification to CPENT or LPT.

Keep up with the Advancements:

Every day, the technological world goes through advancements and innovations. Technology and cybersecurity change each other simultaneously. If you want to be a great cyber security professional, you will have to keep yourself updated with the latest techniques, tools and trends in the industry. Don’t just rely on your ethical hacking training for your entire career, start learning more on your own.

Be Alert:

It is no surprise that experts in this field have to be highly alert and aware of their surroundings. You can’t afford to be negligent towards things that could give you valuable clues about security threats. Timing is also of crucial importance in cyber security. One simple mistake can lead to catastrophic damages.

Lead Not Follow:

Make it your responsibility to lead the organisation in terms of security. If you are getting orders from your boss who isn’t a cybersecurity expert, then it will bode well for everyone if you convince them of your strategies and security policies with effective communication. Your organisation’s security will be solely in your hands if you make it so. And it’s always better to do something yourself than to rely on other people. Hence, to be a great cyber security professional, you must exhibit leadership qualities in your work.

Don’t Crack Under Pressure:

Pressure will test you and polish you. Irrespective of the field you work in, your true grit is measured in a high-pressure environment. If you are working as a computer forensics expert or an incident response professional, then you will be working under high-stress conditions. When a cyber incident strikes your organisation, you will need to maintain your calm and think with a clear mind about what to do next.

Be Passionate:

In the end, you must be passionate about your work. If you take your job lightly as if you are doing it only for the monetary and social benefits, then it will soon reflect in your work and you will lose the confidence of your superiors. Moreover, cybersecurity is a profession which needs dedication and perseverance. If you are into this profession for the right reasons, only then you will survive the test of tough times.

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