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Corporate SEO: What Is It and How Is It Different From Traditional SEO?

Corporate SEO: What Is It and How Is It Different From Traditional SEO?

Corporate SEO – Search engine optimisation or SEO is an umbrella term for a digital marketing strategy where your online content is enhanced so as to be more visible to search engines for certain keywords. At the same time, corporate SEO is a bit more specific and requires a more strategic approach because of the constraints inherent to each industry.

What Is Corporate SEO?

In general, SEO at the corporate level involves large enterprises with many employees and a significant online presence. This includes companies with thousands and even millions of pages and links.

With this type of volume, the stakes are much higher.

If implemented well, SEO for corporate websites can boost your company’s online visibility enough to eclipse the competition. It will generate traffic to your website and put your brand in front of a broader audience.

On the flip side, anything that goes wrong with a corporate website is out there for all to see. A broken link or page error can be an inconvenience to countless users and drive them into the arms of other brands.

At this magnitude, a website can easily impact a brand’s reputation and bottom line. Conversely, the amount of effort and level of expertise needed to manage it is substantial. This is where corporate SEO comes in.

The SEMRush tool use mainly to analyze data related to the field of SEO, that is, web positioning, and develop strategies to get backlinks to a website or build advertising.

What Sets Corporate SEO Apart from Traditional SEO?

Enterprise SEO starts much like traditional SEO; with keyword research. The difference is that, instead of focusing on short search terms, long-tail keywords are targeted more. This is because top-tier keywords are already saturated. Investing much of your resources in this area would not yield proportionate results.

Another advantage of using long-tail keywords is that it generates higher-quality leads, which leads to more conversions. Long-tail search terms are more detailed, and searchers who use them will have a specific need that your brand can meet.

Aside from focusing on specific search terms, strategies employed by SEO for corporate websites involve using location-specific content. This will help maintain a brand’s online presence in multiple locations. This is important as local searches are becoming more important. In fact, 78% of local-based searches lead to an offline purchase.


While the approach to keyword research and location in corporate SEO is more specific, the breadth and scope of the project are much broader. Lean Project Management requires to look at your project as a value stream · It is focused on value delivery from the customers perspective. With thousands of pages and other elements involved, simple issues become more complex and harder to fix than they should be. It is like operating heavy machinery. The concepts are more or less the same, but one is much more extensive than the other.

For illustration, replacing old pages with new ones seems simple enough and can easily remain done for smaller websites. If you apply this to a corporate website, you have to find out how it will affect the inbound links and domain authority associated with those pages.

Effective management of a corporate website requires the involvement of more stakeholders. This includes participants from various functions like purchasing and public relations. For this to work, all the moving parts must be synchronised like clockwork.

This level of collaboration, however daunting to others, is not new to reputable SEO companies. They can help your brand stay relevant in a very competitive corporate website ecosystem. Top-tier companies have websites where sophisticated SEO practices are applied. To make sure that you are not left behind, you must use a corporate SEO strategy.

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