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.com was introduced as the first top-level domain (TLDs) when the Internet’s domain name system implemented in January 1985. It initially created to represent websites that had “commercial” purposes. So the .com domain is an integral part of the digital revolution that forever transformed. The way people live, work, play, and connect with family and friends.

The Detailed History of the .com

On March 15, 1985, the first .com registered by a computer manufacturing company called Symbolics, Inc. Before, the Internet was a project promoted by universities and computer scientists who used their research and communications networks. As more institutions and people began to use the network, electronic communications became increasingly challenging. Finding a way to route messages through gateways manually was an art, and when communications were very voluminous, users asked to stop using their connections.

The need for some organizing principles became increasingly crucial as more entities connected to the new internet. however, The task of bringing order to an increasingly chaotic universe fell into the hands of the legendary Jon Postel and his friends at the Information Science Institute at the University of Southern California.

Postel became the editor of Requests for Comments (RFCs) in 1969. As editor of the RFCs, Postel and his colleagues shaped the internet that we know today. In October 1984, RFC 920 “on the need to create a new domain on the ARPA-Internet and in the DARPA research community” published, setting the stage for the .com’s birth.


We know that the first .com address assigned to symbolics.com on March 15, 1985, but the .com’s origin is not so exact. According to Craig Partridge, chief scientific officer at Raytheon BBN Technologies, domain names evolved along with the system. At first, .cor proposed as the domain name for corporations, but it decided to call it .com in the final version.

Jack Haverty, an internet pioneer at MIT, they weren’t thinking about businesses top-level domains. “I think .com originally came from ‘company’ and not from ‘commercial’. The .com was not for “companies” in the sense of places where users went to buy things, “he wrote in an email.” They were companies doing government work. And also, The Internet not designed to interconnect companies; it was a prototype military command and control network built by educational and government entities and contractors. “Yet they seemed to understand that some trade was coming.

“I don’t remember anyone ever thinking that we were creating an organizational structure that was going to include hundreds of millions of entities across the planet, participating in all types of human activities. And of course, we didn’t think it would last. Over 30 years, not even as an experiment. Things just turned out like this. “

Verisign’s role in .coms

All domain names work thanks to the technology of a registry operator. As the registry administrator for .com. Verisign enables the world to connect to the internet safely and reliably. whenever and wherever they want.
With a current average of 223 billion daily DNS queries and much higher peaks, it is vital that Verisign’s internet services work all the time. Therefore, To make this possible, we have designed from the ground up a sophisticated service to meet multiple complex, high-volume, and real-time demands. However, This includes a wide variety of hardware, operating systems, middleware, custom applications, and a wide variety of power providers, network providers, and other protections.

Verisign ensures the security, stability, and robustness of key Internet infrastructure and services. including the .com and .net domains and two of the Internet’s root servers. In turn, Verisign performs core root zone maintenance functions for the Internet DNS. Our commitment is to ensure that a Verisign-powered infrastructure. Always performs at the highest level so that the necessary innovation meets future needs while addressing today’s needs.

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