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Coding Write for Us

Definition of Coding:

Coding write for us – Coding is the act and the result of coding. And also, this verb can refer to changing the phrase of a message or registering something through the rules of a code. Therefore, it can also refer to the formation of a body of law that is constituted as a system.

Therefore, to understand what coding is, you must first be clear about what code is. However, a combination of characters (numbers, letters, etc.) has a specific value within a system or enables a secret message to be reformulated and understood. The codes are also compilations of laws.

Character coding in this context means converting a character from the alphabet or another natural language (such as a syllabary) into a symbol that belongs to a different representation system. Using coding rules, Morse Code can, for example, convert intermittent telegraph signals into letters and numbers.

Description: Coding

Firstly, these 128 possibilities are enough to encompass the entire English alphabet, with its uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as punctuation marks, numbers, and certain control characters (such as the one that tells the printer to work on the next page). However, ASCII cannot meet our language requirements because among other symbols we need in various contexts, it does not contain accented characters, question marks, and leading exclamation marks.

However, these restrictions led to the definition of other character encoding systems, including Extended ASCII, also 8-bit. Even so, they do not have enough space to hold all the alphabets in the world. Secondly, need to be divided into several that are used according to the needs of each user.

However, to solve this problem of capacity of atmosphere encoding systems, in 1991, the standard called Unicode was agreed upon at an international level. A table of considerable dimensions, which today has more than fifty thousand symbols, each one with its code, to cover a large number of forms of writing, including the ideograms used in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, as well as the characters of all the languages ​​of the European continent.

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