Essential Factors to Consider When You Choose a Cloud-Native Security Tool

With the rise of cloud migration and cyberattacks, it is not surprising that cloud security is one of the topmost priorities for most businesses. However, choosing the right solution can be tricky for companies because there are so many options available. These options can be divided broadly into two categories:

  • Cloud-native security tools from open sources or vendors
  • Third-party cloud-native security tools provided by individual companies

Essential Features of Cloud-Native Security Tool

So which type of security tool should you choose to use at your organization? The correct answer will depend on the kind of cloud architecture that you use and your specific needs. Many cloud service providers offer various types of security tools.

Each type of solution is meant to address a different set of security problems, and it is up to you to choose one that fits your needs the best. Before we discuss the crucial factors that you must consider while choosing between the two, let us examine the necessary features that you must look for.

Identity and Access Management

Cloud-native security services will always provide identity and access management in their scope of frameworks. You can use these frameworks to allocate users or services that can gain access to the various cloud-based workloads or information at your organization. The best work management software essentials must have some essential features.
Identity and access management would enforce two-factor authentication, which will help in its integration to directory services. It will also manage other functions that need to be authenticated and authorized.

Scanning and Monitoring

Cloud-native security tools will scan and monitor your cloud-based operations and workloads constantly. They will also flag and alert you when it detects any potential security problem.
Most of them have similar functionalities for your data to discover known vulnerabilities and malicious codes for sensitive information automatically. Some of them offer advanced features that can monitor your operations for any signs that can cause potential security problems within the cloud-based environment.

Firewalls and DDoS Protection

Your IT team can use cloud-native security services to configure a firewall to control access to your network for the applications running in the cloud. These tools can also provide protection that can mitigate DDoS attacks on your cloud-based resources.

Data Encryption

Most cloud service providers provide automatic data encryption using native built-in functionality. However, you can choose to add additional encryption using cloud-based key management services.

Central Security Operations

Many cloud-based native security tools offer central security operations that allow you to manage all of the security tools along with the operations and resources.

Factors to Help You Choose

Now that you know what you can expect from the cloud-native security tools, let us discuss the factors that can help you choose one for your organization.

What Are Your On-Premise Security Needs?

You will not be able to use the encryption features of every cloud-based security tool for your on-premises security needs. Therefore, take a survey of the security needs at the work premises versus the cloud-based security requirements. That will help you to choose a solution that provides services according to your needs.

You can also use cloud-based firewall services for the security of your on-premise applications. However, you may have to invest a lot in setting up a complex architecture that integrates your applications with the cloud firewall services. Cloud-native security tools from third-party vendors can offer robust solutions that will take care of your cloud-based and on-premises security requirements.

Do You Have Multiple Cloud-Based Operations?

Do you operate from a single cloud or use a multi-cloud strategy for your operations? Security tools offered by vendors may not operate on competitive clouds.

It may be possible for your IT team to inject data related to security from one cloud to another, but the process might prove more trouble than it is worth. Instead, you can choose third party cloud security solutions that you can use on multiple cloud platforms.

How Likely Are Your Cloud Security Needs to Scale-Up?

You should also consider how you expect your cloud security needs to grow over time. If you just have a few operations running in the clouds at the moment and you don’t expect it to change soon, you can use an open-source or vendor-supplied security tool.

However, if you expect your cloud-based operations to grow soon, you would need to move to a multi-cloud operating environment, which means you would need robust solutions offered by third parties.

Choosing the right cloud-native security tool may seem like an overwhelming task. However, once you are aware of what your needs are, you can choose a solution that matches them. You can also read user reviews on the internet to understand how the tools compare against each other for reliability, which could help you make your decision.

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