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6 Ways in which you can utilize CBD vape pens optimally

6 Ways in which you can utilize CBD vape pens optimally

Validation of Cannabidiol in several parts of the world has stemmed the growth of the hemp industry. Gradually, most people are becoming aware of the therapeutic benefits of CBD and acknowledging its potentiality in daily life. CBD is available in the form of oils, topical creams, cosmetics, gummies, vapes, etc. CBD might be recommended as an alternative remedy for depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain.

Vaping CBD is a relatively new method of CBD intake in the cannabidiol industry. It is the fastest mode of ingesting CBD into the bloodstream. Vape also provides different flavors that cater to the craving for taste and satisfaction. Vape pens are becoming extremely popular because of their non-euphoric properties. People who want to avoid the mind-altering effects of clinic drugs may consume CBD vapes to deal with severe mental and health conditions.

What is a CBD Vape Pen?

As the name suggests, CBD vape pens look identical to a pen. Generally, vape pens are available in two variants, disposable and refillable. Refillable vape pens come with a rechargeable battery and have various shapes and sizes that can be used for a lifetime. At the same time, one disposable vape pen provides only about a hundred puffs. They are homogeneous and pre-filled with flavored vape juices. Whereas, in a refillable puff, you can pour e-liquid according to your preference. If you want CBD vape pens for sale, you can search online.

Vape juice in brief

If you have an insight into Cannabidiol, you should know that CBD oil and CBD juices are different products. While the oil uses nicotine as its central component, the juice provides the base of CBD, vegetable glycol, and propylene glycol. None of these components are known to react with the nerves.

Vape juices are available in different flavors like vanilla, watermelon, mint, and many more. Vape juices are usually poured into the vape pens and kept for ten minutes for the coil to absorb them. Then, the juice is inhaled as quickly as you breathe. It has an earthy aftertaste because of the presence of CBD.

Types of Vape pens

Vape pens are no rocket science. It is simple! However, if you feel intimidated initially, try out with the easiest option: disposable cartridges and pods. Listed below are a few types of vape pens.

  • Disposable Vape pens – These can be compared to cigarettes. They provide about a hundred puffs, and then they have to be disposed of. They are designed with an atomizer and battery. The only disadvantage of disposable vape pens is that they are pre-filled with flavored juice.
  • Refillable Vape pens – You can purchase these once and use them for a lifetime. These are installed with a 510-thread battery and designed to use conveniently.
  • CBD oil cartridges – They are slim cylindrical-shaped vape tanks, pre-filled with vape juice or CBD distillate. They hold around 0.5 to 1ml of vape juice and are the easiest to handle.
  • CBD pods – Being similar to a CBD oil cartridge, pods have a modern twist. They are pre-fitted with JUUL batteries, which is the most popular battery in the market.
  • Pod vapes – They are refillable and can hold thicker amounts of e-liquids (70% or more vegetable glycol)

6 ways of using CBD Vape pens optimally

Researchers are studying CBD in greater detail, with a gradual decrease in perceiving CBD as “toxic”. It has proven beneficial in treating many severe health issues like depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, and mild issues like acne.

●       CBD for anxiety

Studies have proven that CBD might help in reducing anxiety. Our nervous system controls the level of restlessness in the body. CBD can reduce these levels and control conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder.

Results were evident for short-term doses. However, studies about the long-term dozes are still inconclusive.

●       CBD for depression

It controls our mood swings, happiness, and appetite. CBD alters the serotonin levels in the body and ensures a lighter mood and improved desire to eat.

Researchers say that lower levels of depressive symptoms are recorded in people who consume CBD daily.

●       CBD for pain

Our brain sends the sensation of pain to the body. The National Institute of Health is studying the effect of cannabis on pain caused by

  1. Arthritis
  2. Chronic pain
  3. MS pain
  4. Muscle pain
  5. Spinal cord injuries

Sativex is an FDA-approved drug made from CBD and THC used to relieve pain from multiple sclerosis. However, insufficient data and analysis persist. Therefore, doctors do not prescribe vaping CBD as a substitute.

●       Anti-acne Treatment

The Journal of Clinical Investigation studied the activity of CBD on sebaceous glands. They are responsible for the production of sebum. Excessive sebum can lead to acne. CBD controls oil secretion. CBD also provides relief from anti-inflammation and redness in the skin.

●       CBD for Cancer

Some researches show that CBD might help stop the growth of cancerous cells in the body. The National Cancer Institute studied that CBD might weaken cancer symptoms and their effects. CBD promises to reduce inflammation and the reproduction of tumors. However, studies are at a very early stage. Therefore, NCI does not prescribe CBD treatment for cancer.

●       CBD for anti-seizures

CBD might also help aid in Epilepsy. A 2016 research studied 214 people with epilepsy. They vaped CBD for 12 weeks to check negative symptoms and frequency of seizures. It concluded that 36.5 percent of the participants manifested lesser seizures after the regular consumption of CBD.

CBD Vape Pen

Why Vape Pens?

If consuming Cannabidiol is a part of your lifestyle, high-quality vape pens might be your requirement. Having a well-designed and reliable vaping material may help you incorporate the health benefits associated with CBD every day. Regardless of the cause, vape pens happen to be your alternate and versatile treatment.


Vaping CBD has not yet been established as a very healthy technique of CBD consumption. The long-term effects of vaping CBD juices are still not established. Accordingly, consider the consequences of vaping too much CBD before expending on vape pens and juices.

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