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Tuesday May 21, 2024

Business Write For Us

Business Write For Us

The growing popularity of e-commerce is the number one reason to start your  business. According to Nasdaq, by 2040, consumers will make 95% of their purchases online. In 2020, the number of digital buyers worldwide reached two billion people.

An online presence increases trust in your business – customers feel more secure when they can connect with a business effortlessly. Meanwhile, the Internet is crucial for easy access to a brand. According to a Microsoft study, the proportion of people who prefer to contact companies online is increasing. In 2017 alone, the number of customers over 35 using social channels to reach brands doubled.

Lastly, an online presence helps you build strong, long-lasting relationships with your customers. According to a KPMG report, customers remain loyal to companies if they provide excellent customer service and personalized experiences.

Direct sells

Direct sales usually take place at home, in a cafeteria, in the office, etc. This makes this area perfect for  businesses. Many companies refuse to maintain an in-house sales team and prefer to outsource this work. You can offer your service as a sales representative or join an MLM company, such as Amway or Avon.


Promising business model. Between 2015 and 2018, direct sales generated an annual growth rate of 1.7%. This trend continues to increase around the world.

Strong customer relationships. One-on-one interaction allows you to provide personal experiences and keep customers engaged with your brand. This results in a sustainable income for you.

Low investments. All you need to launch your business in direct sales is a landing page and messaging for your potential partners.

Virtual assistance

Virtual assistants help entrepreneurs, companies and executives organize their work. Typical tasks of an assistant include scheduling appointments, running errands, and basic marketing tasks. Most of these tasks can be done online.


Perfect to start. You don’t need a lot of experience to start a career as a virtual assistant. Your main advantages are being organized, dedicated and marketing expert to some extent.

Growth opportunities. As you increase your experience and reputation in this field, you will be able to hire and train other assistants to work with you.

Amazon Store FBA

E-commerce is an attractive niche to start your business. However, maintaining your store can be hard work. Consider ordering FBA for easy shipping, storage, and customer service; Amazon will take care of these processes.


Simplicity. You can focus on legal, financial, and marketing matters, while Amazon takes care of the mundane tasks.

Cost effectiveness. Amazon charges a fee for its services. However, it’s still cheaper than handling shipping, warehousing, returns, and customer service in-house.

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Business Write For Us

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